FIND ME ON YOUTUBE! Links in the description! Miss you Vidme fam <3

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  • [ – ] basic_goku reply Make less videos, and comment and harass more people on vidme/youtube.
    • RetroBit parent reply Deal! You got it. Im going to pull a 180 and be a total bastard from here on out. Thanks for the advice ;-)
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Why you Fd the steez!! All the issues really mess up the flow and I'm glad you found a way to do this again. DRAMA WHEREEEE HAHAHA!!!! But we'll said. Just have fun and have a good time. It's about the community.. WELL SAID RET WELL SAID!!! Thanks for playing a game I can watch and engage with haha I love mario!!!
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Also sorry for the fly by upvote and the fake comment ;P
      • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Thanks for visiting the channel. Don't forget to follow, tip, subscribe, sign over your power of attorney and leave a comment :D Hahah. LOOK AT ALL THE DRAMA. IT'S RUINING THE COMMU- NO - INTERNET - NO! THE WORLD! Yeah its not drama, it's a video. If people over react and treat it like drama they're the ones making it. Don't upvote the content you think is trash or drama and it stops. But when folks -like yourself- are making videos to out people who are cheating the system w. Their garbage content, that's just giving a damn about the community. Glad to be back, and glad to be changing things up!
        • Rawman parent reply Hahaha I thought you turned into a copy paste channel suddenly! Yeah that is the issue. The community decides the content. Where I don't like "trash content" it's a subjective view to an extent but also the community put it on trending or whatever... Unfortunately until vidme have better tools in place to moderate the community (be it tools or more staff) then there will be a need for people to police the community them self and point out issues. I'm glad you are back!
  • SinglePlayer reply Welcome back to the land of the living, man! Excited to see you back in the game (no pun intended). Looking very much forward to what you put out there in this next phase. Maybe even some collaboration in the future? 😁 Time will tell, either way, glad to have one of the good ones back in action.
  • KinTailFox reply Happy to hear you're back in action buddy. I'm looking forward to a lot of great content from you :3 We need to play golf again, like, real soon.
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