Am I Being Detained: Tape 2

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  • rubbishycrap reply Where do i buy a JimCo jacket? That thing's snazzy!
  • easy_money_123 reply Finally the key to financial freedom!
  • RottenEgg reply 3:16 I listened to this twice and I still don't get how this crazy shit is supposed to work.
  • Nicodemous52 reply To be fair, governments are corporations. But so is every 501c3 (aka, "non-profit" organizations) so I think there may be a bit of fallacy going on here, but I'm not sure if it is Equivocation, or if it is Amphiboly. Personally I'm leaning toward Equivocation.
  • cafeinus reply i got rudenemtary knowledge of law those guys are always a pleasure to watch it's near science fiction :3
  • Starkat reply The guy at 2:52 kinda looks and sounds like DarkSydePhil in my opinion X)
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