2017 ACW Elite Tournament (Finals) | Edward Elric v. Sagat

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  • thecoldking reply It's Alchemy Time ! #Pipebomb !
  • Shadowbro11 reply Edward Elrich deserved to win that match. Now he gets another shot at becoming world heavyweight champion. I hope he wins.
  • Raiden682 reply did not expect Sagat to be that DAMN HUGE wAIT NVM XD
  • HitkidNeedham reply Edward Elrich Pulling it out in a war Folks a war. Sagat topclass in defeat as well he will definitely be up there again People and yes I God damm hope Edward wins the Excel title at Fusion but to do that he has to go though the most dominant champion in recent acw history that being akuma easier said then done. Get hype for one of acw Fusion Main events!
  • SuperGameCrew reply What a match!
  • Matt2k17v1 reply What a match, what a damn match and what an ending to end it. And I knew, I knew that ______ walks as the 2017 King of Elite and my god, what a main event for Fusion as he takes on Akuma at Fusion for the Excel Championship. WHEW!!!! Great fucking match to end the 2017 Elite Tournament, Hakeem and my final saying to end this epic comment is Stay cool, Hakeem. Stay cool!
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