YouTube Hates Content Creators

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  • Vycemor reply Oh well... Time to focus on ahaha
  • YoungByronVidz reply VidMe is going to take over YouTube for better i just hope soon
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply laughing ? Humor? GASP!!!!! How dare you try to be entertaining ! Especially on Youtube
  • [ – ] FrostedFoxes reply Youtube just wants an echo chamber.
    • [ – ] NECRO_XIII parent reply Absolute, it's insane
      • [ – ] FrostedFoxes parent reply I like this sites layout, and the explore tab is a lot better than youtubes, "recommended" tab, i could never find anyone i actually liked on youtube when my recommendations are all either based on what i already watch, or have watched in the past, or if i'm not logged in, then the boring garbage youtube picked out. So at least this forced me to find a better website if nothing else.
        • NECRO_XIII parent reply Yes and Yes, YouTube handles things weird, or at least now they do. I'm actually glad I post on Vidme, I really like this community and a lot of the YouTubers I watch are here as well!
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