Dmarble -FLAT EARTH PROOF!!! The Sun is the Smoking Gun! - FE Research

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  • [ – ] WillemMali reply Am I on the Onion? It's like a parody of a flat earth video, the arguments are so bad and the presenter has decent questions only for someone who doesn't know his highschool's worth of physics. Is there something like a group that has compiled a serious argument for this, with scientific research and better arguments, or is this video about as good as it gets?
    • [ – ] SecInc parent reply Heya if you dedicate a week to try and disprove whats being said with out using nasa, military or gov agencies "proof" you will find much. Here on my channel you can listen to an engineer and his views There is a series called "balls out physics" Parts one and two of this Also this is very good 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook -Dubay Feel free to browse this channel and links provided.. Good luck on your research. Peace
      • [ – ] WillemMali parent reply I'm afraid I don't have a week of time lying around, I'm too busy with work and building a tool to formalize human knowledge, and I'm currently more interested in the domains of media and politics. Keeping up with those takes up most of my "video watching" time. If I ever manage to finish my tool I'll let you know, it's intended to both help one formalize their ideas (by only allowing formal ideas and helping to formalize natural language) and analyze different sets of ideas, e.g. show contradictions. It should speed up the process of proving or disproving theories, and make the process itself transparent. Do you mind me asking how much physics you've studied? Have you had a lot of physics in highschool? Done the Khan Academy course? Who exactly benefits from a "ball earth conspiracy"? I don't quite understand who would stand to benefit from that, why one would go through such lengths.
        • SecInc parent reply Should make you aware that there ar a team of men who work on this channel with videos and comments. You may not always get answered but we will try our best. .. Very well. Good luck with the other. It will most likely come back around to this at some point. Understand, there is alot of information out there. Alot of it bs. so take the meat and leave the bones. Proof of a theory, maybe start with some we have now. Like the heliocentric theory and the theory of gravity to name a few. Physics side has always been hands on thru school. Math is mostly still there and had to go back and relearn some to follow up on this geocentric theory. TBH, thats bit personnel and really has nothing to do with this mans presentation. :) Control. You can look it not what all is based of these theories expressed above and how much control they have over peoples perceptions. not for me to judge but I see it as, once you have it all, water skied behind ever yacht you own, you get bored. The battle to pul...morel people from intentions hiiden for them seems to be a large key. This is just my OP as you asked. The real battle is for the mind. 2+2 does not equal 5 however some can be made to see it this way. this is the ultimate goal.. IMO. Regards.. and t/y for the follow..
  • SecInc reply Please see part II here. Share if you like.
  • [ – ] che69 reply No school in USA?
    • SecInc parent reply IDK.. probably.. thats the problem..
    • [ – ] TheFlipped1 parent reply Gov. "Catch them while their young" Sanctions, that teach everyone, how to be a parrot, repeating the same thing over and over and not to think for themselves. Observe for yourself Seeing is believing. Look around, especially upward.
      • SecInc parent reply @ Flipped, You are spot on. Give a child a map of the world sitting on a table and point to where they live. then point 5000 mile in any direction and tell them we can go here by boat or a plane. The smile and look pleased. Show same child "before indoctrinated" a globe. Point to where they live and then to a point 5000 miles away. Tell them we can go here by boat or plane. Now watch the reaction and TRY to explain we stick to the ball by magic. They may accept it but at their soul level they feel distrust and confusion. Sadly.. this goes away with time..:/ Thanx for comment :)
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