No, the August 21st Solar Eclipse isn't a Sign of the End Times

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  • kitsubot reply --- K E K Rising ---
  • [ – ] MacSplodie reply There is no God but Kek, and Pepe is his messenger. Spoon Clank.
    • skareffect parent reply Nobody really knows if theres a god or not. But our luck, our "creator" is nothing more than just some aliens, using us as some kind of experiment.
    • BurstSMG parent reply So me saying "kekekekekekek" is a prayer to the gods?
  • TheDawnOfNeoAeon reply I had no idea any body even thought that.
  • Mister_Camel reply The comment section needs to be bigger.
  • ParaGirlStories reply I'll be honest, they was this world is going I wish it was the end of the world so humans can finally be gone and Mother Nature can reclaim what we've poisoned
  • WhiteWolf2412 reply Christians are so desperate to prove their religion ''true'' that they make a huge fools of themselves in the process .... Jews and Moslems as well ... there is something horribly wrong with Abrahamic mindset ...
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Instead of talking about "prophecy" like sheep why don't they do something constructive like get to work on engineering renewable energy or interstellar propulsion designs?.. you know things that will actually help humanities' chances in the eons
    • rxantos parent reply No thanks. Humanity already has too much technology when compared with their emotional development. It seems that the smarter computers become the dumber people become. We still use systems like capitalism socialism and communism. When we should be using system based on measurement, like technocracy. As it stands it will just helping a greedy person get richer and control more the population. Not help humanity the least.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply If the world ends before it's natural time be sure the Zionists will be behind it.
  • PickleWickle reply Every year there are goign to be crackheads or Jesus freaks "Predicting" doomsday.
  • Cryptonymus reply A symbolic verification of the Fin de Siecle.
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply People still hanging on to the ens of the world crap. Ugh. 😂
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Lol right eclipses are christiN turf ...meteors belong to scientology
  • [ – ] skareffect reply Why would anybody think it's the end of the world on Aug 21st? People these days..... the same people that also said the end of the world would be in 2012 and here we are.
  • MacSplodie reply Yeah, but what about Nibiru?! Maybe during the eclipse we'll be able to see Nibiru! Maybe we'll get a message from the Lizard People on Nibiru...or am I mixing up my doomsday scenarios?
  • Good_News_This_Morning reply The belief about a prediction of the end times and the rapture, is not orthodox belief. Some pathetically I'll informed nonsense from Styx here he is rubbish on anything to do with religion.
  • GreenLiberal01 reply People are always looking for reason to declare the end is coming yet the end never comes.
  • Dangerpants reply Prefer this transmission. Don't stop.
  • swerver reply The eclipse goes right over the New Madrid fault line.
  • wolfalexzemla reply All smart phones will shutdown for 45 min.. panic will ensue
  • wolfalexzemla reply Hillary being nominated is a clear sign of the end times
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply HE'S LYING. It's gonna trigger global cooling. Stock up on fire wood and get your shovels and ice picks now while there is still time. All of the above on sale on my website. Get them now while you have a chance.
  • 1Deadly_Beauty reply I have listened to you several times and really enjoy the way you think. So, why did you have to pick this time to come out and just insult the intelligence of every Christian? There are a few over excited people in every aspect of life, just look around. It is unfair though to say "all" of anyone or group is crazy. Just my two cents worth. :) Have a great day.
  • [ – ] rxantos reply Never even heard of the eclipse. At what time eastern?
  • celticflame reply People should just enjoy the unique,once in a lifetime event period.
  • ADOLF-HITLER-1488 reply look for the frog in the sky
  • DanLuna reply I've been around long enough to have seen "the end of the world" predicted MANY times. We're still here. Fucking doomsdayers should all be shot.
  • VintageJany reply Every single end times prediction has been a case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome. Y2K, 2012, and now this. Even in 2012, I knew the world wouldn't end on December 21st. Having seen this title, I knew how obvious this was. Remember. The Boy Cried Wolf.
  • abetterwest reply I notice your videos require me to nudge the timeline slider a little bit today. Anyone else having this issue? FF V 5.4 and Google Chrome?
  • BurstSMG reply It's a sign that the moon is going in front of the Sun on the 21st. Why is this a conversation topic
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Can't be the end of times. I have too much music to make. Lol.
  • ridgespeaks reply Your wrong
  • ChiefShaddy reply I'm gonna be going to see it, if it is the end times I'll see you guys later, I dont mind
  • [ – ] StolenMoment reply If you are a false Prophet, should the faithful send you all their liquid assets? Others may apply.
  • darktooth346 reply Will it be David Bowie, also can he finally piss in my mouth?
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