✰ASMR✰ Fidget Spinner Tingles w/ Yomaxer Snowflake

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  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply Wow. I have never seen a spinner like THAT. Was that one specially made? Are there different shaped spinners?
    • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply Yep, there's so many types! If you check the description it has a link to the spinner I'm using in this video :3
      • TrooperTru parent reply They are all awesome! I have a fidget spinner myself, but not as cool as those which I have seen!
  • PrimeResoultion reply The spinner is so cool, I really like the moment when you first start it because it sounds like Tibetan bells/chimes, really calming. Fidget spinners are a real godsend, it's like having a pocket therapist to help take the edge off trying moments. Also it's a nice ice breaker when I'm on the bus home and someone spots me using it and they have one too 😀. Nice video, thank you Indigo 😊👍.
  • [ – ] rustynail reply It makes cool "frame skipping" effect sometimes, most noticeable at 6:10, idk if it's like a specific frequency interfering with camera/eyes/brain. Also love metallic sounds like the ones around 5:48. Together it all makes a soundscape that reminds me of standing near the portals in fantasy games or some alien world ambience or something similar.
    • IndigoStars parent reply Yep yep, I love how spinners look 'on camera'. The framerate makes for interesting patterns. And that's awesome, I can totally see that :3
  • [ – ] ThePieceofEden reply I just listened to the my commission from you and I LOVED IT Thank You
  • FidanAliyeva reply I loved the variety of super pleasant sounds this amazing spinner made. I could hear the sound of bike signal, the sound of small metal pipes emitting different sonant sounds (I mean the ones shopkeepers usually hang at the entrance) & from time to time, I could hear the faded sound of a wine glass. Must say, this spinner has some kind of magical sound too... also, its long term of spinning is truly mesmorizing. Literally calmed me down. Made me feel so relaxed. I loved the video a lot. Thank you so very much for pleasant tingles, My Dearest. Hope you're doing well!💜🤗Hugs & lots of Kisses😘💜 P.S. And your eyes, Lisaaaaa😂🤣😆OMG! I just loved them! So funny!😂🤣😆👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  • Platypus67 reply Mine sounds like an attack helicopter seconds before laying waste...!
  • SeafoamKitten reply Oh god I can hear the smoothness it satisfies me greatly
  • dantesinporno reply Oh you wacky kids today. What with yer Pokeman Gos and yer fidger mahbobs and yer interdimensional 9 ways.
  • MaximVB reply Fidget spinners! 😂 Great vid though 👌
  • AlucardTepes reply Mine recently broke 😢 but this one sounds awesome. When it spins the sound reminds me of windchines 😊.
  • SmoothRiverrock reply Coincidentally, I was in a mall today and a new stall had been set up just for spinners and cubes. A few people were looking at the different designs and the stallholder seemed pleased with the attention. It's not only people with ADHD that are deriving pleasure and benefit from them.
  • Nightwolf511 reply Really nice patterns as they spin.
  • Fi1513 reply Thank you Indi I like the sounds of your spinner. As much as I enjoy playing with them I do like the sounds they make better. <3
  • nadiacaskeasmr reply I love that sound of the fidget spinner it helps me with my ADHD it really works for me 😊
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