The WEIRDEST Jack and the Beanstalk

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  • JBFNY428 reply I remember watching this Jack & The Beanstalk adaptation and Bill Cosby had a role in this!
  • bennitori reply what the heckaba? They actually named one of the characters Heckaba?
  • ScottSand523431 reply This maybe should've been presented as a Was That Real. We haven't had one since live action Teddy Ruxpin
  • SpeakingOfGames reply Oh i remember this wow. Just oh damn.
  • Valis reply Are you HAPPYYY? Scaring the LITTLE GIIIIRL? To be honest this seem more like a regular classic NC episode then a editorial ^_^ I miss that style at times.
  • [ – ] TheKerbibbles reply $300?!! Dang. O_o
    • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales parent reply I checked it yesterday and it was unlisted in price. Weird - I wonder if Doug just found an error online surrounding the price. Perhaps an issue whilst de-listing availability.
  • Brother44 reply Not going to lie, that face of the girl scared the ever living christ out of me when I was a kid. Legit Manson Family stare right there.
  • WebNoob reply I had murky memories of this for the longest time until I found and rewatched it. I actually really like it. It's weird, but it's Japan.
  • DanMaEdBeatlemaniac reply Thanks for introducing me to this, Critic!
  • Zaster reply Apparently one of the character designers, Shigeru Yamamoto would later become an animation supervisor for darkwing duck and goof troop.. weird..
  • ZimPai reply I watched this.... creepy cartoon as a kid, and found it on VHS a decade or more later. So glad I found it on DVD for way less then 300 bucks tho :D
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply I saw this once as a very young kid, but never saw again. I was beginning to think it had been a part of a dream I'd had!
  • StoriesFablesGhostlyTales reply My favourite scene has to be the cloud, as she pushes it away xD I've never seen this film and it blew me away; it's like the Shining for kids. Hilarious, and ominous/eerie at the same time - weirdly deep for a kids film.
  • lemonaderr reply I would rather die than watching this so called 'movie'
  • anorman728 reply I'm watching this now, for the first time. It's pretty good. :D
  • TubeMe reply Glad to see foi um vidme
  • ShintouGenesis reply So night terrors then. From now on. Just night terrors. Thanks Doug.
  • ToughFly reply Spanking isn't child abuse ya big dorkess
  • SamEarl13 reply Its movies like that why people think Japan is so weird (although there's been weirder stuff). Despite how odd it looks I'll probably check it out although probably a subtitled version (to see if that's a little less strange with the music choices).
  • JumanjiJim reply I dont like weird
  • brandon_roberts reply so this is japanese?...........i am not suprised! also this was like a review awesome
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply The animation in this shows potential. Too bad that it was made in animation's dark age.
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply Really funny
  • CaptainDeci reply This was like a mini review. Awesome.
  • DecadesApartProductions reply I'm starting to think my parents screwed me up BIG TIME I remember watching Serial Mom but never once watched this (I don't even remember seeing it at the video store). The only Jack and the Beanstalk movie I ever watched as a kid was Abbott and Costello, which I totally loved.
  • znushu reply Meh at least she whacked him on the behind with the brushing part of the broom. Back when i was a kid, if I did something like that. My pa would of beaten me senseless with his bare fists.
  • BeltDragon95 reply I wonder about e subtitled version
  • TEFFTPATTERN reply Holy shit. I actually watched this movie, and I barely remembered it, but I could always remember feeling something off-putting or strange to it. This was amazing thanks!
  • mjbandroid reply an one have a link to this movie
  • WonderfulDraws reply Good see you here!
  • neo4812 reply Jesus even i never heard of this one, i miss weird animated movies
  • RoboLynx reply I've never seen this but by watching these clips it's unmistakably Japanese.
  • jinks13 reply I had this on VHS when I was a kid, Me and my brother loved it.
  • OnlyUltimate reply Nice video!
  • fairy2211 reply Love this video. Keep up the good work!
  • BrandonCroker reply Aside from Jack looking like he took a stroll down Seuss Landing, I must ask: WHAT. THE. FRIDGE DID I JUST WATCH?! Funny video, but still WTF?!
  • racerhomie reply Great Video. Good Job Guys
  • LeftofArbanon reply Princess Margret isn't creepy, she's just stoned out of her mind!
  • ataquedeoportunidade reply this makes the 3rd titanic animated look like a masterpiece of coherence
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