Emory University to Pay 100% of Illegal Aliens' Financial Aid

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  • OpulentMiracle reply https://web.archive.org/web/20170508100608/http://apply.emory.edu/apply/undocumented.php Here's the link. Can't believe this shit! Wow! Speechless!
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Globalist don't want to encourage nationalism, it's about multiculturalism and embracing everyone so there is NO argument for boarders and NO one wants to defend a multicultural nations because there is NO alliance to it. The same is done to the Christian Religion with the pope. He is silent about the persecution of Christians, his message should be the loudest for the protection of Christian from ISIS persecution. He should be leading the charge but the Church has ignored the past conflicts with ISLAM at the Battle of Vienna. The Church has the resources and should have been teaching the church committee all along about past battles with Islamic cult as part of the history courses. NO alliance to family, is also part of the Globalist agenda. Trudeau has pushed for Bill M-103 to stop free speech in Canada. ISLAMOPHOBIA Bill while he import more terrorist into Canada with TAX dollars. That was Hillary's plan also.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is Trudeau answer to a struggling single parent that said she couldn't pay any more, Trudeau basically said that we have made our decision to go ahead with our CARBON PLAN so get ready for increased TAXES. Then he goes into a useless rant of maybe the Province or some other vague organization will, too bad she doesn't have a trust fund too provide her with all the money she needs. Watch Trudeau grilled by single mom over carbon tax [Entire exchange] watch?v=LfQNCQVvMJg I find out that Al Gore’s New Group Demands $15 Trillion To Fight Global Warming. That article that came out on April 25, 2017 Why does his group deserve any money. Al Gore's attempt to further empty your pockets. The federal reserve Ponzi Scheme put the people of the USA into 20 Trillion dollars worth of debt. Global Warming is the next Ponzi Scheme that will take Trillions of dollars out of our pockets, if we go along with their proposals. It will destroy existing affordable energy infrastructure and replace it...more with costly unreliable intermittent sources of energy, many Canadians are already seeing how the Carbon TAX is pushing energy out of our reach, this will only get worse if we let them continue to destroy our existing dependable energy infrastructure.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply It's very unfair, to those that have to pay taxes and save for years to go to school. Mexico won't do that for Americans. Trump is right to cut taxes because once they take your money then they give it to whom ever they want. Trudeau has given away Billions of dollars, while many Canadians are homeless.
  • SkogComplex reply Powder slap! Trump could pull federal funds , to some extent anyway. I guess ATL can go from a chocolate city to a chocolate mole' city.
  • SkogComplex reply I'm sure this will do wonders for their academic reputation.
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