Satanic Propaganda Part 6 - Comic Book Writers Push Occult Themes and Admit It

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  • [ – ] Outlet_Podcast reply God bless. Fellow Christian here. I can agree with how evil is being represented in comics, but here is my question: do you want badless bad guys? The joker is insane. Always has been. Just because he wasn't doing what they have him doing now doesn't mean we wouldn't have done it back then. Also, would you buy a comic or see a movie where a villain is just robbing banks with penguins? Look at Enchantress from Suicide Squad...a witch is a witch. Regardless of classicly drawn or how she was presented. These are for entertainment only. A Christian can properly use discernment and known was to be entertained with or not. Complaining about the media and proclaiming illuminati to everything evil is not how you present Christ for a sinner to be transformed.
    • DontLetThemBurn parent reply Hi, Thanks for the reply, we appreciate it. Let me address a few concerns you had. 1. We never mentioned Illuminati in this video because we don't like when people attach that to everything either. 2. We are not complaining, but pointing out things to people that they might not have any knowledge, especially the subject matter that is blatantly evil and ungodly. 3. We aren't saying that stories can't have good villains. What we do is show that some of these people are using occult means to write their stories. There's something apparently wrong with that. If one gets a story from a dark spiritual force, why should we condone it? I think the word of God has many things to say about it. 4 The witch from Suicide Squad (Enchantress) isn't just a witch, she's a goddess (Ishtar, Isis, and so on) that's even mentioned in the Holy Bible, therefore the source that many young people are mimicking is ungodly, just like Harley Quinn. Would you rather your kids celebrate good or evil? Even though s...moreome of the heroes fall under the concept of ungodly also, simply because most of them are gods. Lastly, I have to disagree, most of these (not all) are not for just entertainment. It's to change the consciousness of the population form a Judeo-Christian Christian world view. I've watched film makers suggest it with their own mouths.
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