Scalding HOT Tea with Mags | YouTubers Scamming for Patreon?

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  • [ – ] Justinator5000 reply Yeah ad revenue is a pain in the ass and you need so much to make any sort of living off it. I think if someone wants to do Patreon and people want to support a creator. Cool for them. Nice video on the topic.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply not necessarily true. there's guys with 1k subs making more than guys with 100k subs. its all about the niche your in. if your a daily vlogger or doing the cinnamin challenge and stuff like that your going to be at $1 or $2 cpm. if your doing videos about a niche which has advertisers you could get upwards of $15 or $20.
  • JustABloke reply RoFLmao, I so loved this, you tell her girl. OK back to the topic. I think there are lots more people like this, you know the ones, that just say anything they like before thinking it through. Most I tolerate, others I totally ignore, and the odd one you just cannot ignore. 👏 👏 👏
  • SamEarl13 reply Very good rant, I probably would of said the same things. There was a time I felt I couldn't tell people about how I lived because I'd get hated on for 'E-begging' and its horrible how far people will go to make themselves look good at the expense of making out everyone else is bad. So many things they couldn't even be bothered to factor in... -_-
  • MFKraven reply wow id never heard of her before, but she does seem classist af, you are right to be enraged :)
  • Markusooi reply good rant, hope you feel better. You are totally right
  • Scripteladora reply Health insurance is mandatory in Japan. I don't know how much it is now but I used to pay about 3200yen in 2009/10 But no she doesn't need money... she needs to pay for her luxuries and a new camera that she bought the day before!
  • [ – ] Free_Range_Cheese_MRE_Reviews reply You sound super jelly!
  • Pillar2Post reply Definitely like your style, blunt, to the point and funny. Followed you cause you talk like I do. As for the topic, nailed it
  • crissymoss reply Even if they are big youtubers... some of the biggest ones, like Philip Defranco and Boogie2988 have had so many videos demonetized that they are just earning a fraction of what they used to earn. You can't just go by a persons views to see how much their making. And even if they are making a lot are they a big channel, like Defranco, that has a whole team of people on the pay roll? Serious stuff to consider as some youtubers aren't just paying for themselves, they have people who depend on them for a job. Even people like Captainsparklez who pays editors, and musicians for help with his content has people who are depending on him.
  • gridsleep reply My favorite line from Fifth of July: "Honey, never tell people that they aren't what they think they are. What's the profit?"
  • gridsleep reply Actually, Nippon is having it's own economic crisis, because the population is getting much older and youngsters aren't getting married and having children to replace the depleting tax base.
  • gridsleep reply Patreon was founded and is managed by exactly 1/2 of Pomplamoose. Isn't that nice enough for anyone? Super nice!
  • ScaryStoriesNYC reply Why not support other creators who are trying to subsist? I actually think it's divine justice that you became gluten-intolerance after expressing intolerance for people with gluten intolerance. In fact, I think that's all anybody needs to know about you or any of your rants. Why not rant against Google instead of people trying to survive?
  • TRIPTUBEtv reply Good video !!
  • Librebowski reply YouTube died during that election. R.I.P.
  • [ – ] SunsetPop reply I don't like patreon because I would hate asking my fans to give me money for silly videos I make on the internet. I mean if you have other expenses like kids or rent, just get a job and do YouTube or vidme on the side. Do it for free til the ad revenue builds up. Think of doing videos like a multi level marketing gig.
    • [ – ] theMagdalenRose parent reply It really depends on the type and quality of videos you make. If you throw up an unedited Lets Play with a premade intro, then yes, you could probably do it on the side. Though I really don't know why you'd want to. If a creator is interested in making higher quality, or even just a variety, of videos that takes time, effort, and creativity. all which they should be compensated for.
      • [ – ] SunsetPop parent reply Guess I am just old school and I rather get money from private investors or coming from my own pocket.
        • theMagdalenRose parent reply True, but how many small fry creators such as myself could possibly attract the attention of a private investor? That's rich people stuff. ha ha
    • rulesforrebels parent reply hey pop, im sorta in agreement with you that i personally probably wouldn't ask for money but that said many creators spend a ton of their own money on mics, cameras, editing software ,etc. if someoen enjoys their content and wants to support what they do i dont think its outrageous to support them. that said in this day and age most people expect free content and i dont see most viewers comming out of their pocket to support creators, at least not to the level that ad dollars can
  • [ – ] CrazyJoeWurst37 reply Put ad's on videos
    • rulesforrebels parent reply id like to see that. i want to see creators get supported and make money and the reality is most viewers aren't goign to come out their pockets and do so, so personally i dont mind the minor inconvenience of ads if it supports a creator who i probably otherwise wouldn't pay. i made a video this morning about this.
  • rulesforrebels reply ive considered starting a patreon and even have a profile butt never have pulled the trigger. despite the fact i give out more content for free than others charge like $2500 and even $5,000 for in garbage ebooks and coaching programs and while i do feel i give the value i do feel sorta like an "ebegger" asking my audience for money while at the same time i dont really judge anyone who does, maybe ive been shamed by people like this youtuber you speak of
  • rulesforrebels reply hey there first off love your videos great job keep it up. just to play devils advocate a bit, i see a lot of creators who almost act as if the world owes to pay them for their creations. today i was reading an interesting debate on reddit about how people who do animations deserve to make more than someone doing a cinnamin challenge or a trolling video because so much more work and effort goes into it. while i can appreciate that and even agree to a point, the market determiens what wins and hte market determines what people will pay for. i that this site is incentive based, but i think the sad reality is most people wont open their wallet and expect content for free which i think you kind of touched on. heck i remember when netflix raised their price like a buck i almost lost my shit despite me getting like thousands upon thousands of movies, tv shows, etc for like $8.99.
  • [ – ] DonkeyHammer reply You sound bitter
  • roachsoap72 reply I'm just starting out, and i thought of getting a patreon to get better equipment (my whole setup cost £50 or $65usd and its slow to use at best), but when there is no distinction between me and aussie man reviews who hits more views in the first hour of upload than i have accross my whole youtube and vidme channels, it makes people out to be greedy money whores, when its quite obvious that I'm a non greedy money whore. please don't take this as begging, but if i dont bring in some extra cash soon, I might not be able to make the planed videos, that I have writen and ready to record, so its not greed that is the motivation for getting a patrion, its survival and growth of my channels, and this is my only creative outlet.
  • tonygreene113 reply She said a comment is worth a million smile dollars.
  • TheChangingWays reply I have 600 subs on Youtube and I make less than $2 per MONTH at the moment. The highest it went was about $7 per month for a short while. I do not post a lot of videos, though.
  • [ – ] DatWhiteguyJ reply I have a topic I would like to talk with you about. Female content creators that expose as much of their breasts as possible to gain followers and donations.
    • theMagdalenRose parent reply I personally don't care. Guys don't HAVE to pay them. If it works for them, then cool. It's not any of my business what they do with their boobs! It's not for me personally.
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Very well said Miss. I know from 4 years of YouTube that it is not easy at all. I think in my last 6 month on YT I made about $10 if I'm lucky, in fact I made more today here on Vidme than I made this year on YT. Yeah, someone tipped one of my video's $1:00 Problem is a lot of people think that all you need to do is upload a dozen video's to YT and that's it, YT is just dropping the $$ into your account almost daily.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply if your consistant and put out content people want you will make money on youtube generally speaking assuming your niche appeals to advertisers. there are youtubers with millions of subs making almost no money but its because if your doing a general daily vlog you dont really appeal to a particular advertising community like you would if you had a channel about drones or something where drone sellers and drone part sellers can advertise on your videos
  • A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply Very good rant indeed. I guess they are living living on love and fresh air in Japan lol
  • [ – ] JRCSalter reply I want to eventually make it on my own. I dislike working for someone else and I crave the freedom I'd have on my own. I currently have a full time job that isn't terrible, but I don't want to be doing it my entire life. At the moment any extra money I get will be chump change, but hopefully I can get a following that could net me enough to live off. But what is that number? Should I stop asking for money when I have enough for the absolute essentials, food, rent, electricity? Or should I continue until I can earn a modest amount extra, maybe a couple hundred more than I need? Or should I keep going and continue to get richer and richer? The thing is, there is nothing wrong with asking for money for something you created. Especially if you are giving it out for free anyway. I have supported both large and small YouTubers, not because I felt they 'needed' the money, but because I enjoyed their content and I wanted to give them something in return.
    • rulesforrebels parent reply the market determines what succeeds and what fails. i think a better solution than asking people for money for nothing would be to create a digital course, sell a teeshirt, people want to support you but you need to give them something to purchase and can't just rely on people giving you money for the sake of giving you money
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