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Channel Thoughts

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October 10 2017

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Just some rambling on tips I've had to grow the channel and how they don't really work for me :P Please like, subscribe and help grow the channel by recommending videos you like (or hate) to your friends. Patreon: Hardcopy Board/Card Games: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Hardcopy Books: RPGs in PDF Format: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Amazon Author Page: Writing/Personal Blog: Atheist Blog: Twitter: Facebook: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Writing Fanpage: Game Design Fanpage: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Postmortem Studios Fanpage: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Google Plus: /redirect?v=vXz69ua6nFM&redir_token=yWMmItOCysy9K0lLIvhG-K6GRpN8MTUwODY5NjY0MEAxNTA4NjEwMjQw&event=video_description& Gab: Minds: "See... I can get you what you want, I can. I can get you anything, you just have to talk to me, you have to trust me. You can trust me, 'cause I'm your priest, I'm your shrink... I am your main connection to the switchboard of the soul. I'm the magic man... Santa Claus of the subconscious. You say it, you think it, you can have it." - Lenny Nero, Strange Days

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