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  • Exoticbat reply Is there a way I can get notifications on vid me so I can always be alerted to here instead if YouTube?
  • [ – ] Megandoes reply "mobas require 0 skill" *takes deep breaths* lmao
    • [ – ] TheUnderNetwork parent reply Mobas take no skill and are dumbed down RTS games that pretty much everything for you half the time and not much control. Because even Starcraft 2 is a dumbed down RTS and is pretty dead. Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 was the last true RTS of it's kind.
      • [ – ] Megandoes parent reply I play smite every attack is aimed and you have control I'll admit not as much strategy as some games but you can't say it takes no skill
        • [ – ] TheUnderNetwork parent reply I will have to see about that until then most MOBAS these days are just clones of each other. LoL,DOTA,Heroes and every other game are pretty much the same.
          • Megandoes parent reply You havnt tried smite before ? It's 3rd person instead of top down so all ur basics and skills are aimed it's horrible for new players tho because you get put in games with other new players - no game is fun when everyone is clueless lol
  • [ – ] derwingamer2 reply Callofduty
    • TheUnderNetwork parent reply I have no intention of buying any of the new COD games especially when they are just rehashing the same garbage every year. The same goes for Battlefield as well. I will be doing Rainbow Siege soon.
  • Slownic reply I know it's not a popular game, but if you play battlefield i really recommend red orchestra 2, best multiplayer war-based game ever
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