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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply You should make a competition competition hash tag. Everyone makes videos about competitions and they will compete for the prize of up votes. Then vidme can finally have a competition competition competition hashtag and we see how far down the rabbit hole this can go.
    • [ – ] KayToons parent reply Yes! #competitioncompetition soon there will be competition competition competition competition competition competitions
      • Seawolf25 parent reply and not competitions?! I am all compt out! XD i'm not good in test either [and this is coming form a guy who wants to be a teacher XP]
  • [ – ] TheVGMLover reply A lot of effort was put into this animation. I admire that! Sound quality can always be better (though that goes without sayin'). For anyone reading, please support this animator by giving this person a tip, and getting her some better equipment!
  • [ – ] kegosnation reply I really love your animation style! It's super cool!
  • ThatMagnetMan reply #Ratslivesmatter The injustice that was done to that poor rat, you should be ashamed! (jk)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Okay, that was hilarious! Very funny. The animation was cool too. Yeah, the THUD was priceless. You definitely have a future with this medium. Good job!
  • Hoshi-Hana reply I'm not much for tests or competitions so I know how you felt! Glad those days are over. Happy everything went well for you and your team :)
  • MarzieMalfoy reply At least it wasn't your pants. Congrats for being 7th! I was in the Culinary Arts when I went to Tech School. We had VICA competitions. I didn't go with my study, though. I went for Microsoft Office... I had to create all sorts of things using Office (thankfully not Access... that's my kryptonite). It was really fun and it sounded like you had fun too. minus the embarrassment in the begin, of course lol
  • Silentsenior09 reply Oh my gosh! This happened? Even if you hadn't animated it, the THUD sound effect was enough for me to lose it from picturing you holding the rat and its tail snapping off, thus causing the rest of the rat to fall to the ground. And then you go on to say "...or that might happen." xD
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply "This is how you DON'T hold a rat.... Or else THAT will happen". Oh my god- I killed myself laughing. GOOD SAVE! :D (And congrats on the 7th overall!).
  • [ – ] Film_Vagabond reply simply hilarious
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