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  • [ – ] Sand-Grain reply Besides catering to mouslimes there are a lot of other things I cannot agree with Lefties, and mind you I'm a Canadian Atheist and always been one, in Canada we aren't even allowed to talk about Mouslimes… I have extensively written about it and even gotten physically attacked by these thugs… yes, I called them thugs, because when you have an opinion other than theirs, you can actually get assaulted for not following their tribal mentality… I hope you keep save, thanks, you are giving me hope.
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply As long as i don't see a really big group of mooslims protesting - or at least raising their voices - and CONDEMN THEIR BRETHRENS HORRIBLE DEEDS, it IS ALL MOOSLIMS; and i mean rape of western children, women and men too, because this is TERROR TOO!!! AND FUCK THIS CHILD TAPING BASTARD MUHAMMED, PISS BE UPON HIM!!! PERIOD.
  • Dragoku reply AMAZING!! Yet another Atheist out of the Liberalism minions, and well defending civil Americans!!! GOOD for you!
  • wolfalexzemla reply good video, glad some liberals can use their brain
  • StatsChew reply American and European politicians should stop supplying weapons to everyone's enemy... wake up people, let them fight it off with pebbles and stones since they like to live within stone-aged cult...
  • undeadbabydragon reply Liberal that isn't a libtard, wow im impressed... seriously really cool
  • Marchman reply TJKirks - you contradicted yourself, first you said not all mudslimes are terrorists, and at the end you said the majority are... I agree with the later one! I meet them, I talked to them and all of them want to see me and my family dead and even voice it out, the few that don't are scared to speak out because they are ATHEISTS... I have no respect for tribal behavior that kills their own kind on daily basis, and much less respect for huge American companies such as yahoo and youtube/google silencing people up when we speak out about it...
  • AnimangaNation493 reply Thank you for saying what need to be said
  • blazedu reply Agreed. Any doctrine that incites violence and discrimination doesn't deserve to exist.
  • mistrx reply I am not left & liberal, but I think we need more people like you to wake the left about Islam. I guess they might accept the harsh reality by someone from their centre...
  • xinic5 reply This just in, TJ Kirk, previously known as a "The Amazing Atheist" on Youtube, has been killed. He died from a banana shaped bomb believed to have been planted in his house. Authorities have yet to confirm who planted the bomb, but there is noooo way it was Muslims....
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Who is going to pay for free college. Does the money come right out of the ether.
    • Liberius96 parent reply The state. Man I'm from Czech republic and it's working just right over here and in other Europe countries.
    • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply If the warmongering usa wouldn't spend over 60(!!!)% of their bsp for their fucking BLOATED MILITARY APPARATUS they'd have MORE THAN ENOUGH MONEY to pay for their childrens education; but for the us waging (undeclared!!)?war on the rest of the world is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!! So SAD!!
  • DynoStorm reply Nicely said.
  • BillyRickyComedyYT reply Fuckin' Legend 🔥
  • _JesseWhite_ reply The bro-down with islam has fuckin begun!
  • Aloft_Oft reply Where can I get tj and paul vs ghostbusters.
  • [ – ] The_Voice_Albert_eXodus reply The problem is humans have a tough time evolving from ancestry beliefs. 👽
  • [ – ] The_Voice_Albert_eXodus reply The problem is humans have a tough time evolving from ancestry beliefs. 👽
  • Alber2-Cooper reply You all sound like fucking Nazi/Zionist scumbags. Or is it brain dead Sheeple? I can't tell.
  • wolfalexzemla reply If someone has a bowl of m&m's and says 5% of them have poison, would you grab a handful?
  • OxAcientOrder reply TJ you have come a long way with this issue alone. What changed your mind?
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