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  • Edgewood reply I'm quite glad I don't watch TV. Or Hulu, or other stuff like that. and Youtube are the only two things I really watch anymore. But...meh. Another reason not to watch them.
  • Sock_Puppet reply So the comrades never learned from the train-wreck that was ghostbusters lol Mr Pike would be proud!
  • vanners reply This is why I can't stand preachy holywood. Full of twisted reality narrative. Too annoying to watch.
  • Cellblock776 reply The girl got raped? I would have figured on the little potato being taken up stairs and buggered by the entire football team. Let him be the star in his own gay bukkake scene.
  • AceAcer2 reply Personally i won't say that the movie ends on a good note lol - I don't know what Stephen King thinks about the TV adaptation ... if i were him i would sue whoever is making the show for transforming his work way too much to spread a narrative. Feminists should never be in charge to create TV shows and other "art"-related things. When they are the one calling the shots they tend to destroy everything they touch :P
  • isaneinthemembrane reply I thought Stephen king wrote this book? Not a brainwashed feminist trying to brainwash todays young males (white being Nazi's of course). This has to stop. Just the allegation of rape and a man's life is ruined and the woman walks, even if she has been caught lying on oath? I bet if every father had his child DNA tested today, let alone my generation there would be some fascinating results. I predict it will be a huge failure then they'll sit there trying to figure out why it sucks.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply The mother wasn't attractive, guessing even less when she was young. The alphas passed her around as a cum dumpster until she got knocked up. She marries a 1/2 a fag because she knows that he'll put up with all her shit & pay the bills. The mother doesn't want the daughter to go to the party, but it's out of jealousy because she longs for the days when horny young guys would take turns tapping that ass. Well that's what I got out of suit's review as I couldn't be bothered to watch that mess myself.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply Also it seems like in this series of the mist the male and female rolls are reversed cause it seems like something a dad would say.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply they had to go fuck the mist up with this shit and they did with Dead of Summer too but that one ends abit weird cause they gay guy gets with the trans girl so wouldn't they be a straight couple? Do the Dead of Summer next suit yourself
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