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  • [ – ] Nightwulf29 reply Such a unique and interesting game while eerie as hell haha. Nice video and your intro is awesome!
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply The cat toy thing is creepy as F lol. bunniBBG... you seemed pretty scared XD
    • [ – ] bunniiBGG parent reply I WAS! lolol its embarrassing but thats just me :P im not much of a scary game/movie fan.
      • GamerRaf parent reply Lol it's ok. You are not the only one. I hate scary games! I just play them sometimes but I hate them with my life lol
  • Mr_T reply Yes it's me it's me it's good old Mr T #upvoted 👍🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻
  • MUMS-Universe reply This game gets two "Hells to the no, no, no." It took me a couple of days to get through both vids but more than worth it. Lol
  • MisterHan2000 reply Geez, the creepiness factor put the Chucky movies to shame! Nice job, guys!
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