HOW TO MOVE FROM YOUTUBE TO VIDME (Talking About the Cons to VidMe) | Soulless Thoughts Ep. 17

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  • HotWithoutABuzz reply The skit was great. That TV old as shit LMAO
  • AnimeReviews reply I love your use of pixelated video, LOL!
  • Hirari reply Am I the only one who's distracted by the Pokemon haha
  • [ – ] ZakDTV reply I agree with what you say but what I see with vidme compared to youtube is a chance to grow and put yourself in a position for when the ads come in. If you are a smart creator looking to make ad revenue you stay ad friendly.
    • [ – ] SoulOfAGinger parent reply Exactly it's gonna be the same as YouTube essentially. But a lot of people here that think the ads will come in also think they won't need to be ad friendly since it isn't YouTube.
      • ZakDTV parent reply They will just jump ship and go find the next site. I do feel vidme needs to do some promo, I never knew this site existed until a friend of mine started uploading here.
  • GuyWithNoCause reply This is awesome
  • teamidris reply That sounds fair. I just arrived to see how vidme is compared to YouTube and so far I am getting more views. I sure could do with that verification and 50 is a bit daunting.
  • BackSoon reply Dear Ginger, why are your walls black and whats with the 1970's TV? #upvote #following
  • HotWithoutABuzz reply I got verified in 3 days & I joined a week ago.
  • Iannis_Hour reply the community is kinda better on VidMe than YouTube
  • DiedieApa reply well what I would say about youtube and their politics and new administration of algorithms, I fullbad and it will improve the quality of the contend
  • IanniEx reply IDK how to give a like to u :(
  • IanniEx reply is there follow for follow in vidme ? XD Haha RLY it exist ?
  • crua9 reply I agree with your rant. It's just stupid to think many of the things most hate about YouTube isn't going to transfer to here over time. But the part I have to disagree with is the ad thing. Depending on how this site is run is depending on how much corporations will control the content. Like if actually focuses on adding more crowd funding stuff like you see on kickstarter and other things. I think they can justify not having to depend so much on ads. With that being said, they will have to crack down on some of the stuff like boob girls, violent crap, and other crap. A way to do that is like YouTube. Making it where they can't make money, and you actually have to search for them.
  • The_Z_Files reply You make good points,and the skit was amusing so ya get an upvote for that lol,effort and drive is rewarded as I always say.. I do get the points and I don't say or tell people to "worship" the vidme staff lol that's like fawning over celebrities or's their job,big deal. I've met plenty and just chit chatted,not acted like they were a god XD I digress though,I think thanking them when a new feature gets implemented or they help you is cool,and I get your points on the more members,the harder it is to interact...but that's not 100% true,it "may" require finesse but them hiring a "community" team to field social media/comments/and such is possible. Advertisers yes could change things but also if they were smart they simply find flexible advertisers that dont have restrictions and rules. Maybe screening video content is smart in some ways but if its not illegal content it should be fine,tbh "moral" issues with questionable girls video don't concern me,i just dont sub or wat...morech lol I think even someone like a Keemstar is fine if they try to make valid content,but i agree thats a community decision too ignore bad content or upvote it. As long as we embrace the good and deny the bad it can be a stable place in the long run. Sorry I ramble alot lol keep up the interesting content though man!
  • Jesulvis reply Great vid, thanks for the tips - any European History Documentary anywhere?
  • IanniEx reply yeah i already white a big comment on other video...BUT VidMe famous dosent mean 5 K subscribers ? I am trashing there i am there for 10min and i am starting like this site but look at your quiality IS AWESOME and i came when u had 2 views D: But for me will be better because i am a small youtuber...So yeah ! I will maybe start vlog on VidMe or Try Gaming Recording with my phone to my PC QUALITY BRO
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