Final Thoughts - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

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  • [ – ] LVLWON reply What we were all thinking: "Princess Zelda as a character, I think, is really amazing, and not because of what I said earlier, well maybe because of what I said earlier, but most definitely because of what I said earlier." Jk great video :D
  • [ – ] TehManBob reply I've played the old zelda's on the NES, I can't say I've ever finished one but your thoughts of this game have almost made me consider buying a switch.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Well another masterpiece from nintendo. Thank you for that great review.
  • [ – ] QuasarGaming reply There's actually like 900 korok seeds....and let me tell you collecting them all is not worth it.. And also do you think Zeldas voice acting helped make her your favorite? If there wasn't voice acting, how do you think it would affect the feel of the game if there wasn't any? sorry about all the questions.
  • [ – ] KuleCakes reply I liked the game was good. I liked this video
  • Proto reply Anything you agree? Disagree with? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!
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