OX: A Flat Pack Truck That Carries More Than an F-150 and Takes 12 Hours to Build

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply When you don't have to adhere to any crash test standards it must be pretty easy to keep the vehicle's weight down. Does the ox meet or exceed any 1st world emissions standards? Or does it fall into the 3rd world can pollute as much as it needs to bring up their standard of living so it'll be fine. Instead of bringing motorized transportation to the continent, how about trying to get them past their stone age standard of living? Perhaps teaching them how to obtain a reliable water source & grow substantial crops should be the 1st step in the intervening of their evolution. The western countries were able to do just that hundreds of years ago without any intervention. Ya gotta crawl before you can walk, but some want to help them make the leap straight to running.
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