Valentine's Day Anime Slideshow (For ChronoArcAlie18)

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  • ChronoArcaile18 reply OH WOW This was awsome buddy,one of your best epic slideshows yet, I love the cardcpaptor sakura and Precure Series pics you used,I'm gonna download this right now and add it to my new desktop video collection which right now I'm redownloading all the Pictures i got before from Minitokyo and Zero chan and redownloading alot of Cartoon and Anime episodes I lost from the virus. Since I can't get alot of my older stuff back but I at least also found a way to download the videos I've archived from my Upload society account which thank goodness this site has a download feature. *hugs you* to be honest buddy,the Internet continues to get worst and worst over the years with all the dangerous Maleware virus's increasing and all the copyright nonsense on youtube and because of that,the internet just isn't fun anymore like how it used to be. I was hoping 2017 would finnally be a good year for all of us but instead 2017 is looking to be even worst than 2016. *hugs you*
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