Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Episode 1 | New Series | New World

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  • GamingCentrum reply Congrats on Vidme - just started doing videos with Minecraft as well
  • [ – ] DevynMorris reply Great video! When is Episode 2?
    • ProtosVault parent reply Thank you for the feedback! I was waiting to see what response this community had for the video before deciding how much further this would go! I can tell you that I have 30 Episodes in total for this series and it does get a lot better than this admittedly very cringey start! This series was designed for Youtube so currently all the videos are uploaded over there but I plan to upload another video every day until I am caught up. Once I have caught up, I will release new videos on here 7 days after their initial release on Youtube. If revenue and tips here prove to be better than what I get from Youtube then I may flip that on it's head to use Vidme as the primary platform for release followed by Youtube at the later date. However, much is to be seen as to how this goes yet! Until then, enjoy the daily onslaught on videos! :P
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