RUST - Quiet Aftermath & Acknowledgements [Scudpunk Benefit]

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  • AnarchyHD reply Awesome job :) Love the song!
  • Friduwulf reply Absolutely beautiful. This reminds me of what an amazing community we have. Great job!
  • TrueBackupGamer reply Very well put together set and video. The slow panning camera, with the appropriate lighting and music really set the scene for what all the footage is trying to show. Superbly well done!
  • [ – ] iMrtZ reply hey mom!
  • [ – ] Zoot_C reply I like how most streamers just tag a squidtopus and have done with it but KCmo and Vertiigo had to go full on channel advertising. We can forgive Verts because at least he paid $1000 for that billboard. Was a great day and much love to Scud.
    • [ – ] ErrnieGerrn parent reply Orgic did all the billboards by himself, that whole place was locked up to the plebeians :p P.S. KC tossed a good $300+ too, it's all gucci!
      • Zoot_C parent reply I should be less rude. But It's kinda expected ;) It was a good job all round. I watched from Sippy's stream, chucked a few dollars at Scud, bought Sippy a beer and even grabbed a Scud hoodie. Did my bit and would do it again, all day.
      • Zoot_C parent reply Also i should be quiet. I promised Orgic some Scud skins for that stream and I failed ( bit of illness myself)
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