vidme rejected me :'(

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  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Don't feel bad I just got my rejection email
    • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply Reapply again... Vidme is swamped with verifications, so don't be disappointed if you don't get verified right off the bat, it may take a couple of tries.
      • tremain parent reply Ok cool, yes will do. See, the level of comments vs the amount of views is amazing, I already feel a part of this community, you guys are awesome!
    • tremain parent reply Okay cool man thank you, we are in the same boat as of now but lets get out of this boat and get in the vidme verified boat!!
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply Hi Tremain.... I got verified and only had 39 followers at the time. I got that many by being an active part of the Vidme community and earning followers and points. Being part of the MGTOW community probably helped in my verification process. Thus what I suggest is that you be a positive contributor as well to whatever community you wish to be a part of. I had to file for verification twice before I was approved, so just keep reapplying and don't give up.
    • [ – ] tremain parent reply What is the MGTOW community?? I have so much to learn lolol. Thanks for the tips!
      • GoMGTOW parent reply MGTOW is an acronym for "Men Going Their Own Way"... We believe that Men and Boys alike are being unfairly persecuted, prosecuted, and imprisoned by the Gyno-Judicial and Gyno-Political systems around the world. This "Equality Movement" fueled by the bastardization of Feminist and Marxist ideaology, openly admits that it is in pursuit of an Orwellian agenda to destroy anything resembling a traditional family structure.... And no Feminist statement made their intent more clear than when the Feminist and Liberals got #KILLALLMEN to trend on Twitter! And now we are being purged from You Tube for speaking the truth! We have turned our backs on the opposite sex and renounced the entire concept of Marriage because it is a system that entices Women to kill their mate and eat their young by granting them tools like NO FAULT DIVORCE. Giving every Woman the right to half your shit, plus all the cash and prizes whenever she wants! We MGTOW believe that there can be no Equality between the sexe...mores if one gender is favored more than the other by rule of law! We believe that their are two types of People in this world, the Blue Pills who are trapped in the Matrix of Gyno-Feminist society, and the Red Pills, who have rejected the notion that a Man must put others before himself and his own happiness. We MGTOW do not believe that Man was put upon this Earth to serve the will of the Golden Vagina! We are not your Protectors, We are not your Providers, We are not your Sex Objects.... This is our creed. Go MGTOW!
  • [ – ] RandomShyte reply Lots of people have been verified with less the 50 followers, and even youtubers come over, don't do a thing but get verified. Sorry to hear you got turned down, I was as well. Good luck I hope it happens for you soon
    • [ – ] RandomShyte parent reply also you asked what people would like to see from your channel and for me I'd like to see what you enjoy the most. Those are always the best videos to me. Enjoy yourself, I'll keep watching
  • hayhoestudios reply omg they rejected me too hold your head up there will be a time where we are accepted!
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