WE BROKE 100 Followers!!! 100 Follower Q&A SOON!

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  • [ – ] Melodic_Mane reply The number just keeps going up man. CONGRATS BRO!!! :D
  • SteviePlays reply Congratulations
  • Aiya reply Congrats dude! Good luck with your new job. My questions 1) who inspired you to make vids? 2) any favorite quote/sayings? 3) what was your dream job with you were younger?
  • BoommerRyan reply Congrats on the 100
  • [ – ] duffy reply Way to go! Keep on growing dude.
  • C4TR_YT reply Congratulations on 100 followers, but I do have a question for you. What is your goal for the future on Vid.me or YouTube or any social media platform?
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply CONGRATULATIONS ON REACHING 100 FOLLOWERS keep going what your doing dude because in no time you will be successful, oh what the heck, your more successful than me but anyways keep up the good work man.
  • [ – ] Dingus_McGee reply Continue to keep it honest and real, and you'll keep adding subscribers. Congrats bro.
  • [ – ] JackH750 reply VidMe is censoring political videos. I think I'm done here...
  • KingCoz reply Nice job bro here to your success and more to come
  • Boomtoon43 reply It's kinda funny how you just pasted 50, then now you're already past 100. Great work though keep it up
  • PartyPotatoMan reply Good job keep up the good videos, your growing fast
  • [ – ] SteviePlays reply Looking back at this video when you said "the quality isn't that good" I think it's good it's not awful like some cameras
    • Micavity parent reply Thank you Stevie! That means a lot, I always notice grain and noise in video and audio and my goal since starting my vidme channel (not so much on youtube) was to try to learn how to eliminate that stuff and have a much nicer picture for the eye!
  • themillennialrevolt reply Congrats you deserve it!
  • [ – ] Psykonaut reply Perhaps you should return the favour for getting all these new subs and make a video telling Vidme to stop cencoring David Seaman from the trending page. Just a thought, since most of your new subs really came to you because of David.
    • Micavity parent reply David was on the trending page earlier today wasnt he? Of course I am glad hes here. Not sure whats going on with that, I really havnt been super active the last few days since starting work!
  • spicytots reply woooooo congrats! that was so fast 100 in a month?? what is your secret?!!!! thats my question for you
  • Wulfe reply Nice dude! You got there quick!
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