Why I Jumped from YouTube to Vidme

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  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply welcome friend! vid.me is our safe space from clickbait and false copyright claims on youtube. here everyone is welcome! lololol jk dude whats up man! glad to have you ^^
  • [ – ] alex reply Weclome!!
  • Okanaganguy reply You Tube: Relic
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply It makes me so happy to see that Vidme makes us smaller creators feel treated fairly. Welcome to the community!
    • CybertronRadio parent reply Thanks, Aiya! I am happy to be apart of this community of content creators, that isn't over saturated with people doing the same old thing with everyone else doing the same old thing. I feel like I am heard on vidme, vs YT. Definitely feels great to see my content getting out there, rather than being swept under the rug, like dirt from the floor. :)
  • [ – ] iTehGhost reply Please let me make you a new intro
    • [ – ] iTehGhost parent reply please
      • [ – ] CybertronRadio parent reply If you want to, that'd be awesome. I used this template thing online, since I'm not good at intros with Vegas, aside from simple stuff.
        • [ – ] iTehGhost parent reply Does it have to be 3D? I like 2D better looks smoother also do you know the dimensions for the vid.me player? I keep getting letter boxed because I'm using my YouTube settings when rendering.
          • [ – ] CybertronRadio parent reply 2D is fine. And I dunno the dimensions. I typically do 1920x1080 (1080p) when making images and then 1280x720 (720p) when doing my videos, because 1080 takes up too much space. I also render in 30p (frames per second) rather than 60p, because I think that also might take up a lot of space. When I get my HDD in the mail, for a secondary drive, I might save the videos in 1080. But that's typically when I do, dimensions wise.
  • [ – ] CanDoKen reply Honestly, i hope Vid.me is a place where all content creators can get a fair shot. YouTube is so supersaturated these days and its probably impossible to get any traction there.
    • CybertronRadio parent reply YouTube has been WAY over saturated, since 2013 or so. Nobody who's a small channel can get any ground, except with big channels helping and a stroke of luck. But the bigger channels are normally like "what's in it for me to help this channel out with a shoutout?" And thus YouTube is mainly focused around large channels. I mean the fact my videos on here get more people viewing them within the time it takes on YouTube definitely shows that YouTube is over saturated with content creators. Hell one of my Christmas videos from 2015 has no views on it, yet every video I have on here has some form of viewership. I don't regret making the jump, not one bit.
  • [ – ] Novabeam reply That's cool, I'm planning on migrating to Vidme from YouTube myself, and am glad to know we share a similar story
    • [ – ] CybertronRadio parent reply YT is too broken for small channels. Glad to hear you're planning on migrating too. You'll like it here. So far, everyone has been very welcoming. So if you do make a video similar to this, you'll find everyone to be very welcoming and supportive.
      • [ – ] Novabeam parent reply So, should I reupload all of my YouTube videos to here?
        • CybertronRadio parent reply You can upload, via linking the videos from YouTube. But that's all on you. I just have been making all new content. Too much work, just to link all of my videos to here. Maybe I'll reupload some of my old work. But yeah, totally up to you. If you wanna get some recognition on here, definitely consider doing it, if you just wanna make new content, then that's fine too. Depends on how many videos you have. There is an article on here, about how you should go about linking the videos. (I think it says within a few hours, so you get more views on each.)
  • [ – ] bononoz1 reply Sylvanas... I will have my vengeance!
  • [ – ] JaysTechTv reply youtube is just not working out anymore it's been corrupt and there is no point for anyone new to use it I have been on vid.me for not even a month and have more here than I did on youtube plus vid.me has a nicer community
    • CybertronRadio parent reply Very well put, good sir. I have gained followers on here, faster than I did on YouTube, have more views quicker than YouTube. And as you said, the community is nicer and not full toxicity, which makes me happy. Because I am scared to comment on YouTube, because everyone loves to be rude and/or troll. And by troll, I don't mean to poke fun and laugh, but to bully people or be mean in general. Which is why I typically lurked YouTube, when I wasn't posting videos.
  • [ – ] Bruce_lee1947 reply Here's me commenting on your video . Good video ... i'm bad at commenting omg 1000+ jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
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