A Proposal For The Special Someone! (plus some preachy stuff)

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  • snoopydadoopy reply You'll have to remove the stick before you get it on with Steve.
  • [ – ] Modified_Adventure reply classic dude. look forward to more Steve Shives jabs.
  • TapeMan reply Notiz ME TJplz
  • basic_goku reply GO↗️GET✔A🏃‍♂️🅱ICTONARY 🔫💯 NI🅱🅱A
  • gakrolin reply Please drop the intro and outro.
  • [ – ] Goldtooth_Fuckknife reply I AM GOD !
  • tedingalls reply His lips are already moist with anticipation!
  • blazedu reply My stand on social media is that it's an amazing place to get your news, the real ones, have discourse with people with the most varied backgrounds and beliefs and not to make it an egotistical show of yourself. And of course the occasional shitposting. The only social media i interact with is minds and vid.me and i'll never say i'll never have this reactionary behavior but i always try to think before commenting on something. If in the response i'm writing i'm not knowledgeable of the subject, i'll state it. Please think before you comment because most of the times, not commenting is better than being reactionary.
  • blazedu reply This generation was custom built to be reactionary and social media plays a huge part in this. What is facebook and twitter in a nutshell? Reacting to shit someone else posts. Not saying it's wrong or right, good or bad, i'm just saying it causes this climate of not using the brain to think a little before commenting. And i'm not saying everyone is responsible for this but most "normies" who are older and trying to be hip and cool tend to have this behavior. Same with those i mentioned in the beginning, who in terms of political issues are searching for either a ecochamber to make them feel good or the enemy's "violent" posts to virtue signal to their ecochamber how virtuous he/she is. As for the non political stuff, like for example pop stars, kids/teens/older people who should have more interesting stuff to do tend to create rivalries among their idols and commenting on any trivial thing/status update that they post.
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