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Pokemon B/W - An Entire New Team vs Cynthia (Haxorus Is A Beast)

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May 5 2017

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So this is the rest of the team pretty much. Nothing really special about them, aside from the Zebstrika and maybe Cradily. They're all just really strong. Cynthia may be a CPU, but Haxorus doesn't deserve to be UU. It should definitely get used more. Had that Outrage been a 3 turn one, Haxorus would've swept since Earthquake wrecks both Lucario and Eelektross thanks to Mold Breaker, and Outrage finishes Braviary. It's not as creative as my Swords Dance + Endure + Salac Berry + Reversal set, but it's not picked off by priority at least. Team set posted on original video:

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