Interviews with monster girls Review/First Impressions {EP 1 - 4}

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Great review. I am enjoying this anime as a nice, comfy story. The harem aspect is not that prevalent because there are only two characters at this point who feel romantically about Tetsuo-sensei. That might change later but it really is just Macchi with her crush and Sato-sensei to whom is a bit more realistic to have romance. I like the comedy. It's pretty light hearted instead of gut bustingly good like Gintama so I agree it is a bit muted. Keep up the great content. :D
    • MissMulti parent reply Thank you :D Yeah it's a light hearted fun story i love it it's so easy to watch. It's kind of addictive lol. Hmm that's true Hikari is more subtle but i kinda got the feeling that she liked him too, no idea with the snow woman though. I noticed later in the anime there was quite abit of subtle but mature comedy which was quite funny xD Thanks for stopping by :D
  • TheHentaiMan reply LOL blood welfare.
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