Ghost In The Shell: The Fundamental Problem

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  • pokematic reply Here's what I think the main problem is (which I will touch upon in my review on Saturday), it's a very eastern sci-fi franchise that is being adapted for a western audience. I think it was Gaijin Goomba that explained how Japanese Sci-fi sees artificial intelligence as warm and practically alive, whereas American Sci-fi sees artificial intelligence as cold and dangerous to our way of life. Original Ghost in the Shell (from what I remember, also haven't seen it in a while) really asks the whole "what does it mean to be alive" question and isn't afraid to treat AI as if it's alive. American audiences are generally opposed to that (see iRobot and 2001 a Space Odyssey), so adapting GitS for a mainstream western is going to be really hard.
  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply "Do I believe whitewashing is a problem? Yes." You fuckin' tool.
    • [ – ] bane parent reply I agree with you, jesus fucking "whitewashing" that wasn't even a fucking problem, Japanese people loved it and said it was an amazing actor even the director said the same. And funny enough many Japanese critics criticized more the Japanese Actor (Villan) more than the main character which is basically zero to none, making the Japanese Actor more of a problem to them. And there's not a "whitewashing" it's all about the quality of the fucking actor and how it fits in the character description.
      • Luciful_Mephisto parent reply A lot of anti-white liberal bigots say scar doesnt fit her role, that she would stand out as a white person in an asian setting but supposedly her shell's a basic european pleasure model. It would explain why the original writer said that he never imagined her as being asian. Im not a gits fan but funny enough i probably know more now about the show and comics than some fans just from listening to people argue.
      • bane parent reply actress* sorry.
    • [ – ] FrameByFrame parent reply I mean, it kind of is. But I don't think it's this massive ordeal that effects every single film that comes out. I think we're living in a society where we're so easy to point the "racist" finger at everyone for the smallest crap, so honestly I think there's not many recent examples. Personally, I can only name like 3 off the top of my head.
      • OpulentMiracle parent reply If you think "whitewashing" is a problem, even a small one, you need to turn off the corporate media. It's proof your brain has begun to rot.
  • TheCynicalCypher reply This film is bleak is all hell, and I don't mean in tone, I mean visually. AS you mentioned, there's really nothing to be interested about visually. And I feel that bored, bland feeling translates into the narrative of the film and harms it as well. Shame these films don't pan out the way everyone wants them to. These video game and anime adaptations are just doomed to be forever bad, I guess.
  • Krops23 reply I feel the movie got soaked up by the Hollywood dishrag and we got the result. It was... okay. The setting is the star. Johansson can't carry a movie, IMO.
  • PopcornLobotomy reply I felt exactly the same way about GITS. I especially relate to what you said about having no emotional context for the action. Hell, Robocop was a better exploration of how much human body you need to have a conscious human soul, and I get the impression Verhoeven wasn't even trying to focus on that idea! I wonder how you felt about Mad Max Fury Road? I felt the same watching that -- although at least in Mad Max the action was cool and the visuals stunning. Ghost in the Shell didn't even impress me visually, particularly. Boring, boring, boring!
  • AmandaFood reply Like your review, I heard it was good but I never saw the anime or heard of it. I like when they make movies and introduce something different to an audience that would have never heard of it.
  • Renyto reply Good analysis mate.
  • NominalGiant reply Nice review dude! I haven't seen it, probably wont I'll always be a fan of the anime :) ALSO you said "This Movie" a looooooooot lol XP
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Thanks for your thoughts, @FrameByFrame! I sincerely appreciate your candidness! Now I do want to visit the anime!
  • BenjiJames reply I sadly haven't seen it yet, but from what i can gather from what you're saying - they made the movie in a way that makes you feel kind of retarded, toned down, explained so much to the point of where they believed the audience wouldn't understand it if they made in faithful to it's source material??
  • John-Goras reply This movie sounds like a drag. I wasn't going to see it anyhow. But, the whole action for the sake of action question. What do you think of some of the Resident Evil films?I thought they often had great action. They're admittedly a guilty pleasure, I know, but still..
  • UnauthorizedExpression reply Fag White washing is only a problem for whiny little bitches with no actual problems in their lives.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply Am I the only person who didn't like the original anime movie? It was a competently made film, but was too cold, alien, and remote to be worthwhile. It needs to be said that I am not opposed to live-action adaptations of anime, as long as they're done well. Hell, I actually look forward to the live-action version of Death Note despite not seeing said anime. Furthermore, I am sick of people bitching about whitewashing considering that the Japanese themselves have no problem with this movie. That, and most anime characters don't even look remotely Asian.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply As for Man of Steel, that missed the point of Superman. It felt like Superman and all related characters were cast in the wrong movie; it would have been better as a film based off of Devilman or Dragon Ball Z.
  • SysterYster reply Ok, so... I haven't seen the movie yet. But the things you're saying is pretty much what I feel about the anime. XD Dragged out, boring and uninteresting. I loved the artwork in it though. And that was pretty much the reason I saw it in the first place. Anyways, I'll watch the live action one and see what I though. Boring, different, fun... we'll see. :) But thank you for telling us what you thought about it. Makes it less of a risk to get disappointed by it. :)
  • Lonecomplex reply As you might expect I'm a huge GITS fan - read the mangas as a kid and really got into it with the movie / series. I'll probably have to see this movie just to satisfy my curiosity but tbh I don't have high hopes. 2nd Gig to me was the Mona Lisa of episodic anime. It's not just the psychological plot elements and the Machiavellian way that characters (especially Gouda) get around, but the way in which it's presented and the wide range of themes. We go from stuff like Battou's story with the ex-boxing champ or the project Sunset killer to the Tachikoma episodes that are questioning the nature of humanity and existence. All of it ties so well into the greater narrative of Motoko who comes off as strong but not infallible. Someone who is highly skilled and decisive, but also someone who still has a lot of unanswered questions they're seeking. Tl;dr: Part of me doesn't want to see the live action movie because I know it's not going to top 2nd Gig or Solid State.
  • SpeakingOfGames reply I actually thought the film was fantastic, it definitely captured the tone and feel of the anime imho
  • ZeroBudgetProductions reply Zac Snyder may have a strong visual style but I can't say he has ever done a good movie.
  • Boodang reply I dunno, man. The Jap cartoons are stiff and voices in a monotone. Same with movie which translates into, as you say, boring. If the goal of the film was to bring to the screen all the Jap cartoon snooze, it succeeded marvelously. This review is 100% correct in his review.
  • LytaneVS reply I fully agree with you, this movie was just plain boring. I didn't really care for the characters, aside from 3 people in the team the others did practically nothing and instead of them working together to solve a big mystery it was down to pretty much Major and the bad guy! The final action scene wasn't even fun to watch, no real epic showdown or confrontation. It was all exposition but the worst part was that they tried to be deep. The anime asks really good questions like what is it to be alive, have a soul or be human. This movie tries to do those as well but in a hollywood way, forcing it down your throat and spelling it all out to then not give a satisfying conclusion. AHhhhhhh
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