Why is Samuri Jack parents old in season one but young at the end of this season?

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  • Azurenightsky reply My theory is, Jack was consumed by Aku, the events that are shown to us are just his mind attempting to give him some form of closure in his final moments. It presents him that which he wanted most, to scucceed, then it ripped away any logical inconsistencies so he wouldn't question it. In a way, the darkness(which is what Aku represents) would absolutely be sadistic in that manner, allowing the hero to believe they succeeded when in actuality, they failed. Jack, who is seemingly immortal as far as aging is concerned, can live an "eternity" within his own mind without being a threat to Aku. Aku can continue his reign, safe in the knowledge that The Samurai is forever a part of him.
  • JimJamUniverse reply wow I didn't think about that I hope we can get some more answers.
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