VidmeAMA: "Why should I use Vidme over Youtube?"

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  • JustHypeVibe reply I prefer vidme tbh cause it's simply the best :D also I'm beginning to wonder about the skeleton intern how he begun his career at vidme :)
  • [ – ] chhopsky reply i feel like you just told me i should still use your direct competitor and now im confused
    • [ – ] duffy parent reply there's room in the world for more than one video community. we know most people aren't going to drop youtube all together in favor of vidme...especially creators who've invested years in growing an audience there. it wouldn't make sense for us to expect that. we're realistic. to us it's all about maximizing the visibility of content across the spectrum. again...we do not consider ourselves to be a competitor to youtube :)
      • chhopsky parent reply "if i made a video tomorrow why should i post it here instead of youtube"
      • chhopsky parent reply fine not 'competitor' would you accept 'alternative' ?
      • chhopsky parent reply ok well i mean, from a user perspective there are a couple of scenarios. 1. dont currently use a video platform, use only to 2. dont currently use a video platform, crosspost to both 3. don't currently use a video platform, use each selectively 4. currently on YT, move to only 5. currently on YT, crosspost to both 6. currently on YT, use each selectively which of these are you expecting? with your YT importer it seems like you're looking more at 2 and 5? i'm trying to figure out what your vision for the most common use case is
    • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply If you're a creator it's wise to spread your content across multiple platforms in order to gain a larger audience. "Why should I use Vidme over Youtube?" Use both (or more than just vidme or youtube), each video sharing site offers different things and has a different mission statement.
      • [ – ] chhopsky parent reply right, so with those differences what is it a better idea to use vidme for? i mean im fairly sure you're not saying just post everything on both because that's redundant
        • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply It depends on what a person is looking for in a site tbh. I can give you my personal answer as to why I use Vidme over Youtube but that's just my opinion. If you ask people why you should use one thing over the other all you can get are opinionated. Only you can answer the question of whether you should use Vidme over Youtube because only you can assess your goals for your content. If you were asking something like "What does Vidme offer that Youtube does not?" then the answer would be more measurable and precise*. I choose Vidme over YouTube because I like the community here, I like having open communication with the vidme team, and I find the layout to be much cuter and modern looking. Vidme fits better with my personal goals because I'm more interested in meeting people, discovering lesser known gems, and posting silly videos than monetization, competition, posting what would be considered professional work, or fame. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ opinion questions.
          • [ – ] chhopsky parent reply totally, it does depend on what a person is looking for in a site. i just figured the people who made the site probably had a good idea of what they thought people were looking for in a site. i was asking for their opinions i liked your answer tho. thanks for taking the time to reply, i appreciate it. and your cat icons. my cat's name is pencil
            • mintteamew parent reply Well, in most of the articles you read you'll see vidme highlighted as a reddit/youtube hybrid. So I'm expecting vidme will be the go to site of people looking for a reddit/youtube hybrid. Which means that ultimately vidmes goal may be to achieve an organically community curated feed with a largely diverse set of categories so that nothing dominates and everything is more level and arguably more interesting. Vidme posts plans/ideas for future updates on their reddit (and elsewhere) and the three main things that I see most often in the "vidme goals" center around (1) community (2) variety (3) customization . I think vidme is aiming to be more of a great community experience vs just a place to host videos. But if a person just wanted to host videos on here and nothing else, vidme would be fine with it. Vidme doesn't judge that ;) I like the your cat's name! Pencil. Cute. My cats are Zazzblammy-matazz, Simon Boris Petrikov, Finnigan Avacado Bonerfart and Jason Velociraptor Hopkins.
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