itsOnlyRawman "What Went Wrong?" Video Response (Shut up and Leave.)

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  • [ – ] waveyboy reply @itsOnlyRawman got rekt
  • [ – ] Rawman reply (if this isn't a joke and you are serious). I am uncomfortable with popularity. I am uncomfortable with attention. I actively AM AGAINST PEOPLE GIVING ME MONEY. I don't have my subs enabled like most people do... I literally just want people to to have a fair and balanced platform. No manipulating the trending page. No favouritism. No staff publicly showing resentment towards users. I want small channels like you to grow. If you took 5 mins to check out my channel you would understand what I stand for and that money is not the reason I make videos. I am not stuck in the YouTube mentality. I am stuck in the mentality of "come to vidme for community and equality". But I looked about and could hardly see it... I would actually see the opposite. I'm not going anywhere. I am no longer "vidme exclusive" (never was just the last 2 months uploaded vidme centric content). So in a way I will no longer interact with the community like i used to. But yeah. This is the perfect example for me....more I don't like all this attention. You said it your self. I'm a very popular users. 2 months ago I was in your position...but if this is real. This is literally drama and complaining... But the description about drama and complaining was ironic lol. Btw. I like your set up this is really cool. Your format is great and your voice is fantastic!!!!! Great show.
    • [ – ] ansm_Official parent reply Regardless of your intention or motives, there is no excuse for immaturity. Threatening to leave a budding site in the midst of its creation due to a minor disagreement is childish and, given your traction on the site already, I would deem it rather irresponsible. It's far too early to decide what kind of site this will turn out to be in the end. I, unlike most people, am willing to tread water until the developers decide which direction they're choosing to go with the site. However, one thing I can guarantee is that it would be paradoxical for them to repeat the same mistakes as YouTube. Let them do their jobs. This is their dream and their passion and I, for one, wouldn't want to be hard at work with a community of dissatisfied people screaming down my neck in regards to how to do my job.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply If you knew half the stuff I knew (about this site and the community) you might think the same way. Plus. I simply told people to follow me on YouTube because I'm not gunna be an exclusive creator. I don't see a problem. But yeah I would advise doing some research because I don't think you have the full picture. If it doesn't make sense for someone to be fed up and walk away (or atleast not give their full attention to). Maybe there is more to it than you know... Anyways. Thanks for your time. This was a great reminder.
        • ansm_Official parent reply That's redundant to even mention. If you had an actual point to add, I would like to think that you would at least elaborate, but it seems like you're more interested in guilt-tripping those who disagree with you instead. I don't feel guilty. Your video in question was a flawed idea and it isn't up for debate either. You can continue to argue with me and expend your empty "points", but I'm not an idiot. I won't fall for your shit. Unfortunately, it seems like many others already have.
    • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply Rawman this kid has only been on since April 10th. He missed most of it. Don't take anything he has to say too seriously.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply True lol. Thanks for the reminder.
        • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply Also remember using your name in videos has become kind of a publicity grab lately. I honestly would have never clicked on this video if it didn't have your name in it. It's kind of a low form of an attracting an audience using a public figure - people who don't like you will love this guy and probably follow/subscribe. People who like you will click on it because they wonder why someone doesn't like you. It's a win-win for views and/or followers. Nbd Rawman, nothing to worry about.
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Unnecessary hating on someone won't get anyone anywhere. This is a perfect example of me (and others) fighting for these people and they give us a hard time for miss understanding us. It's ok though lol. I've played my role lol.
            • mintteamew parent reply Yeah. There's been a lot of confusion as to why you made your videos from some of the new users but I honestly think that to understand fully a person would have had to be on the site for the last half of the year and active in the side communities to get a full grasp. From this persons perspective you're 'attacking' a new platform that they love so their knee-jerk reaction is "if you don't like it then leave". Don't let people who confuse your constructive criticism for bullying get you down. Not everyone on here is going to 'get' it.
  • dogememes reply much roast. bork bork.
  • [ – ] Mattwo reply "Vidme is a very new site" Except it's three years old and has had more than plenty of time to grow and expand properly. I know it's only been popular for little more than the course of one year but that's not an excuse for some of the things they've done either. Especially when several of the same problems are still present today. Plus they've been very fast in fixing several things and they added a block button very quickly after I was probably the only one to complain about the lack of one as there's a specific viewbotting sockpuppet subscribing user who I harbor no love towards to due a personal history with him on Zippcast (where I randomly discovered I was blocked by him without even having had heard of him because I am a brony) and Vidi Nation (where we had a temporary truce due to our shared distaste of Zippcast but he somehow confused this for us being on good terms).
    • [ – ] ansm_Official parent reply 3 years. Do you hear yourself? You must be an infant who learned how to type yesterday. You clearly don't know how the world works if you think that 3 years is "more than plenty of time to grow and expand properly". Go educate yourself, then, when you're done, delete your comment. You're a close-minded thinker and an idiot.
      • MrATAndreiThomas parent reply Exactly bro well said
      • Mattwo parent reply expand (possible spam) Turns out Vidme's actually been around since 2008. also, Vidme isn't even growing, it's actually effectively doing worse than Myspace, judging by the data, it'll be lower ranked in a few months.
    • Mattwo parent reply Sorry meant over the course of TWO years. Got my math wrong there.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Dude I have to agree with you bro 100
  • Mattwo reply I don't give a fuck about money or fame. I've had a negative experience with ZIppcast and since then, I've given all YouTube alternatives an eye of scrutiny and what I see is cheap manipulative tactics to gain attention from small YouTube users (and not just creators) to attract bigger content creators then shaft the smaller content creators.
  • EliteBrayden reply #funnierthanyourbae
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