List of the 200 skeptics and debaters

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  • TheEldritchGod reply SNIFF SNIFF. Not even an honorable mention. Ah well, I do more good in the background anyways. That said... If yer a noob content creator and someone, like me, who didn't make the list, maybe you just need some help upping your game. I run a little discord where I help noobs get help, experience, and advice. Until I get enough viewers to upload more that 30 minutes of video, I'm not gonna be very active here, so feel free to drop me a DM on youtube. Feel free to check out any of my Eldritch Rants videos for the general idea what K-WAC does. We're here to help any content creator, but we prefer to stick with the under 1,000 subscribers. At least to start. Typically if you are over 1k, you don't need us. Oh. Don't come looking for some sort of mutual sub circle jerk. I'm here to help you LEARN, not take short cuts. -TEG
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