should certain internet videos be censored

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  • BlackbirdFrost reply For your poll, did you just say "gore" or did you specify "real-life gore?" When most people hear "gore" they think fictional situations. We've become pretty desensitized to fictional gore. Real-life gore, on the other hand, I think still disturbs most of us.
  • ZenGamesTV reply even if you cant stop people from uploading that doesnt mean it should be easily available on the internet, the question is what good could come out of gore on the internet ? what social benefit is there? if hypothetical it is wiped out of the internet the world is a better place so as far as im concerned that shit should be relegated to the dark web permanently
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply the answer is fuck no, no videos should ever be censored (unless it shows someone hurting someone without their consent aka cheese pizza & snuff) gore is ok. i see it and go, "Oh well im never gonna ride a motorcycle in Brazil ever...
  • SometimesBytes reply I don't think gore is that bad when it's something that happened on accident or it's something like a person killing and gutting a animal for food, I don't want to see it but I wouldn't censor it. What I would censor is videos where people are severely hurting themselves, other people, or animals just for pleasure. That type of stuff is just sick and I think no one needs to be seeing those types of videos. I remember when we were in middle school we would all talk about these shock sites and at the time it was no big deal but considering the stuff still haunts me to this day I have no interest in any of it. I remember I used to get the images stuck in my head and I would see them over and over again, I still have problems with that where I will get bad thoughts stuck in my head over and over and they just won't come out. I'm not sure if the two things are directly related but it's why I hate that type of stuff, I hate horror movies too, anything that's realistic and gore like that j...moreust bothers me. like I said I can understand peoples morbid curiosity when it comes to videos of accidents and stuff like that but some of the other types of videos are just too much.
  • Dragontear reply I guess it depends on the platform and the user mostly. I'm all for freedom of expression on the internet as long as no one is victimized. I feel everyone has a morbid desire to see some level of f***ed up s*** sometimes.
  • Minister_Peaceful_Poet reply I think when gore is illegal activity (torture/murder) rather than just acting. If it's acting then it falls under free speech and expression, but when it's real, it should be illegal. The reason is that such things are done just for the sensationalism. We should not allow people to be tortured or murdered just for the sensationalism. That's got to be illegal. I don't go looking for such stuff, but I did once see a lady get her head cut off on facebook. I honestly could not tell if it was real or fake and I didn't want to keep watching it to figure it out. I decided that kids shouldn't see that, so I reported it to facebook.
  • Duvster reply Censorship is a slippery slope. IMO, No censorship, unless it's a video portraying real harm to someone for shock value only, then yes. But then again, what is shocking to me might not be for someone else. Now a days the internet is filled with whinny little bitches that take offense to everything. If we were to start censoring we wouldn't get to watch anything.
  • WonderfulDraws reply Treats for beasts is one of the best YouTube channels. No joke!
  • lewren reply This video should be censored
  • ElCidDos reply no censoring
  • Mike-BlueHair reply you just won me as a follower on here. thanx for the upload!
  • roachsoap72 reply you cant censor anything on the internet anymore, its like trying to catch one rat in a tower block, you think you know where it is, but nope! its gone. the internet has become a living beast tied into our subconscious it knows what we want, and it feeds us a daily dose of strange on demand and no waiting, the problem is because we can access the best and worst of humanity in a few clicks, we constantly demand fresh content that delivers an ever increasing amount of disturbing imagery, but its a beast of service, you want more, it will give you more, at what point do we say enough? it's foolish to say that nothing should be censored, in an ideal worldthat would be true, but would you feel the same way if it was your dead loved one that was being paraded around on the web either after they had passed, or in their final terrifying moments of life before their very existence was wiped from the earth in the name of entertainment? the real problem lies not with the right or wrongs of censor...moreship, but with who would decide what should be censored, I would imagine that a judge would have very different views on what was acceptable to what I would, who could be the moral barometer for the masses? *copy and paste from youtube*
  • LokiLarry reply My thought on this is it should be legal but we need a better way for age verification. I think that there should be places where such material can be uploaded, but with better ways to keep it out of children's hands.
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