Bringing Streams to VidMe?

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  • Jsketchie reply Eventually I would like Vidme to have it's own streaming service, but for now I would much rather they solidify/polish what they have now and maybe work on, sort of "streamlining" the site because as of now, a lot of clicking and "mouse travel" is needed to navigate the site. Now I am new to this site so my opinions regarding the site's development doesn't hold much weight, but since Vidme's staff is still small, adding a streaming service might add a lot of problems and hinder the development of the site itself. That's my take on the subject but like I said, I'm still new here so there's a lot of vidme stuff I'm not aware of.
  • [ – ] RetroMillennia reply Whatchyall think? Do you want to see our streams over here or not?
  • TheMichaelJShow reply Of course streaming would be great, but we understand there is a lot of things that need fixing and tweeking. This is a big elephant to eat and you can only eat it one bite at a time.
  • ArcadePunch reply I think a few new vidme users actually have some of the best feedback (as well as older channels). The benefit of the new user suggestions and opinions will give vidme insight to someone just passing by or may be a little interested. The new user opinions will help with attracting new users while the current/older users will make suggestions based on improving the platform to better benefit the quality of the content. As for streaming, I agree with many on here that although it would be nice to have down the line, it isn't needed at the moment. Most of us would like vidme to be a polished, fun, supportive and direct competitor to YouTube. So far what I'm seeing is absolutely great and I'm actually excited to see where vidme goes. They have my full support!
  • rumjar86 reply Streaming would be good, but as a few have said that vidme should just finish polishing the features they already have in the pipeline. I would like to see more options for all channels to be a featured video for a few days then like on YouTube with the bigger channels with tons of videos that are either ripped off other creators like what soflo was doing. Everyone here has the chance to be in the spotlight. But we also need to keep creating and improving the quality of our content. Oi and loads of love for you guys. Your the absolute bomb..... please don't arrest me...
  • Str8upreviewsEXP reply Hey hey bro whats up i just checked out your youtube channel and yes it would be good to upload streaming on here as well to. check me out and i will be there to check out the streams and your youtube channel...
  • Gondor reply Vidme live streaming would be dope af! VIDME NEEDS LIVE STREAMING!!!!
  • BasedMama reply VidMe needs to have streaming. they are boot-f*cking YoutTube right now. it'd be smart to strike while the iron is hot
  • skpacman reply I would LOVE to stream directly to vidme, but uploading previous streams will have to do. I stream to YouTube, Twitch, Beam, and Hitbox via Restream but #VidmeLive would be the best thing ever! But, to answer your question: Yes, you should upload your past streams here. It would reach your audience here better, even if they missed it live.
  • cowboy6591 reply Vote yes to streaming, HOWEVER sever penalty, and prosecution for the violent live streams like the ones on facebook recently. This seems to be a sleeping gorilla waking up. How do you filter a video stream of a teen committing suicide? Allot of this is happening in Europe. It's coming our way. Live monitors $$$ would be needed just like the Commercial news streamers. eeeek !! Sorry but my love for freedom stops short of rape and some teenager blowing his/her brains out.
  • Ratamis_Prime reply streaming would be a good idea, more exposure for the channel. raw gameplay/ or art
  • The_Cyborg reply yes please!
  • JustHypeVibe reply Definitely 100% and The vidme team had already responded this:
  • aaliyah_holt1995 reply I think they should bring streaming, it can help some channels grow
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