Vermont Issues 60: Vermont Expands Opiate Treatment Facilities

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  • [ – ] British_Patriot reply Don't know why i watch these videos I'm in the UK....Enjoy them for some strange reason....
  • Brandon95 reply I hope my state of Tennessee legalizes weed soon, I'm sick of Uncle Sam telling me what I can and can't put in my body.
  • jSimeon reply Best opiate treatment is to use kratom. I wouldn't have ever gotten off if it weren't for that plant. And marijuana is good to I just can't smoke everyday it slows me down.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Opiates are nasty stuff!
  • [ – ] thehfgman reply I dont understand how people can get addicted to opiates like pain medication since it barley has any euphoric effects, well thats what i have heard cough cough. Also its not like you try opiates all one day after the next you become a dope fiend reefer madness.
    • NateChambers parent reply Many people are in constant pain, and just feeling normal is heaven.
    • [ – ] Revermen parent reply You don't realize you've taken enough of them to be addicted... untill you run out.
      • thehfgman parent reply I have had several surgeries since I was a kid and I have been prescribed opiates and finished them. You don't get high the pain is dulled as a teen I tried taking them for recreation only once because they just dont do anything. Morphine actually is very enjoyable to be honest IN A HOSPITAL SETTING. Also a lot of these pills are diluted with acetaminophen (Tylenol).
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