BREXIT Begins: Deconstructing The Super State In UK & US

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  • sbradd reply Is this uploaded by Info Wars?
  • Just_the_Facts reply We can also stop paying the Carbon Tax which has been costing us our industry and standard of living by paying over about 20% of our energy costs over to the World Bank so they can redistribute our money to some third world projects or pay off their bank debts! There is no justification for this Carbon Tax anymore because the Climate has stopped Warming and it never had a correlation to CO2 levels either. So lets save ourselves the money and save our industry from further decline.
  • Just_the_Facts reply At last Britain can be truly called Great Britain again, it's our MAGA moment. Perhaps changed to Make Our Britain Great Again or MOBGA ! Sounds right to me. Anyway , imagine our own Parliament will be able to write our own law ! We will be able to trade with the Commonwealth​ again. But most importantly, we can keep anyone​ out of our country that we don't want. We would have to feed , teach , house or hospitalise hordes of immigrants at a time when we can't even look after our own countrymen ! At last we have some control over our future and it is up to us to get it right.
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