How I was driven off Vidme

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  • [ – ] userXVI reply You left a community because a bunch of children said mean things to you on the internet.
    • [ – ] IrrelevantHero parent reply Lets get civil for a moment if we could. You're a content creator and you've put a lot of time into creating content for the last 6 months, and during these last 6 months you've worked your hardest to build your own small community of friends and followers. But along the way you're consistently put down and devalued because of your disagreement. Would this not effect you in the least bit? Try and put yourself in @The1Mazzy 's shoes before you write something so dismissive.
      • [ – ] rulesforrebels parent reply anyone who has the time to talk shit to you and put you down has nothing going on for themselevs and shouldn't matter to you
        • [ – ] SkyTheMagicalGamer parent reply I have seen not only People talk shit about a person But making up all sorts of slander and lies which is starting to become a growing problem depending of the community and fandom your in Anybody could just ignore anyone that just troll and bias shit talk within comments and videos reply However if some Willful ignorance hateful keyboard warrior asshole try to make up bias criticism with slander and lies to discouraging and disheartening anyone from doing what they love like making videos and such that is going way to far and is a really asshole move that i seen happens in some community and fandom i'am in And i seen people get accuse of some stupid misunderstanding or find any little excuse to bring someone down badly or whatever to the point to where it really hurt the person reputation very badly And for what All because they don't like the person video or just don't like the person in general all because they got sad Miserable lives and so they feel the need to be Willful ignora...morence hateful keyboard warrior so they think they can get away with putting anyone down to their level and silence you and shit. I say if anyone don't like the person or their videos it their opinion and not a fact like how bias people like twisting it out to be as and they should just ignore them. But no the small minority just love to be triggered with no matter what you do just because they don't like you and don't want you to rise to the top and all. I say to bad they should just bucking #DealWaitIt because everyone have every right to create content on this or any videos sharing site Them asshole have no say in what anyone does And if they don't like It Them tough shit.
    • dishgoldfish parent reply Pretty sure People came to to escape the trolls at youtube.
  • PocketShadow reply is still pretty new. I think as it grows, this'll balance itself out eventually. You can't keep new people down forever.
  • [ – ] Skelethor reply I'm going to be honest; I think that you should name names. If the problem hasn't been resolved, we need to root out this problem. We need to work as a community to weed out toxicity like this so as to not end up like the YT comment section, or stuff like that. I'm terribly sorry for what happened to you; I'd be happy to help out however I can.
    • [ – ] The1Mazzy parent reply I let vidme know who was behind it, legit no reason to name them anymore. Bandwagoning and the pitchforks would only cause more Drama and toxicity on Vidme.
      • Skelethor parent reply True, that. I respect your decision fully; I simply don't want other small creators to get bomb-shelled like you did. It's far too saddening.
  • [ – ] UnarmoredForce reply It's always kind of worrisome when everyone talks about how amazing a community is while most of the trending videos are about internal drama between other members. At least that's what it has looked like ever since I've joined.
    • [ – ] HomebrewedComedy parent reply Yeah what the hell I was hoping to escape that stuff here. I'm hoping vidme comes up with a trending algorithm that essentially buries drama videos, however, their staff picks they hand pick even have drama videos, so I doubt that'll happen.
      • UnarmoredForce parent reply I getcha, I think the front page should showcase the best new content thinking of the new people that land on the site. Drama videos (correct or not) aren't necessarily the first thing I want to see, if I want drama I could just log off and go watch TMZ.
    • Orrelion parent reply Yeah I am getting kind of sick of the "blablabla cheating" or "blablabla youtube vs Vidme" It's looking a bit different from what I first thought to be honest.
  • vrsaskayzx reply I wouldn't let them drive you off, you did the right thing by exposing their toxic tactics. I would say stick around do your thing and ignore them, that would show them that they can't drive anyone they don't like off.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply some of these people that were attacked were probably happy because they got so many comments
  • MasterMickeyTV reply I feel for you but this seems more like clickbait than anything else. You're on the front page about why you left vidme. That's harsh irony
  • wearegods reply I had suspicions this was the case.
  • galwaybeard reply Thank you for bringing it up. Fuck that shit.
  • SkyTheMagicalGamer reply It sad to see that shit talking bias asshole are still around attacking any target they can fine to start drama no body want to be in by making a shit talking comments or and making shit talking videos reply and all that bad jazz But in any do case just delete the negative shit talking comment you get and ignore them. They are just mostly kids being a jackass after all.
  • PrincepsComitatus reply Rage quiting is not cool.
  • Rawman reply Why didn't you show the chats in this video? You are asking people like me to take your word on this with no proof?
  • StolenMoment reply Get a real job,you seemingly cant handle the silly BS
  • YouAreTheResistance reply Dude you need to ignore the threats, The YouTube community can be equally as toxic. Learn to ignore.
  • YouAreTheResistance reply this happens on YouTube as well...
  • Hypedrebel reply I'm fairly new here as well. This definitely needs to be called out. Drive these toxic people off this platform with vigor. Don't give them an ounce of mercy. Don't let these people drive you off.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply why did youtube delete your videos?
  • Chicknwings reply I didn't know this had happened as I joined the site back in November, and sorry this took place. But you have to understand that the internet is never a perfect place to feel safe on. You will get your fair share of haters and people who will shame you for being different then what they are. As a mater of fact, I've been called a crackhead on Youtube just because I usually scratch my face quite a bit sometimes while I'm on camera. Not sure as to who the people are that are apart of Discord that have been harassing you per say, but I haven't seen any toxicity what so ever on there as of late. Heck, I'd be lucky enough to see people constantly talking on there at all. Point is, just don't worry about it. Just keep making content that will make those few people who enjoy your videos happy. If being affected so much by those remarks out way the good, then it's going to be tougher to overcome that then you would like to think. But best of luck to you, and hope you are happy in the near fut...moreure.
  • MirrorDragonite reply People who send death threat all because your ware the new guy on the block are pathetic little bitches with a competitive inferiority complex that are scared of competition and see you are a dangerous threat competition wise and don't want anyone they don't like to rise to the top so they will start maliciously attacking and talk you anyway they can. they are also the same bitches you see in the drama ranting and commentary community.
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