Haze Explains Screwed up Childhood

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  • [ – ] Daboetry_17_Poetry reply LMAO! I can relate to ALL of these! Just had a touch of food poisoning due to spoiled milk that Didn't stick at the time of cooking a meal. Hubby and I were sick as he'll for one day then back to business the next! No matter how old you get...ALL things regarding sexual topics with parents is just AWKWARD LMAO! Lastly, respecting your elders also resonates with me for the same reasons LOL! Nobody remembers meeting people as infants/toddlers. Family and folks you're family 'adopted' can be funny as hell! It's also akward being affectionate toward folks u dont know or remember...and ya momma giving u the stank eye if you dont LOL! Everybody at one point or another will be all in ya business lol. Nice Vid
    • [ – ] BanditHaze parent reply Too true, haha. Thank you :).. one time I'm watching a movie with my mum and a sex scene come on... So awkward, I think just pretended to be asleep 😂.. and yeah the amoiof times my mum would be mad at me for not showing the proper respect for some relative I'm supposed to know but have absolutely no idea who they are, and never saw them again since...
      • Daboetry_17_Poetry parent reply Lol I remember watching a movie with my mom and brother and a scene like that come up. I think I tried fast forwarding and we all laughed about it. Mind ya, we were all grown at the time lol.
  • BanditHaze reply Some things stay with you for life. 😂
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