Why They Want To Shut Down Free Speech

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Wish I could donate more but here's 20$ of my monopoly money
  • TOWERXVI reply This is nothing recent for google, their fuckery had been going on for a long time. Look into their connections to the AVE network and jigsaw. I made a video on this a while back if anyone is interested: https://vid.me/00d9u
  • [ – ] Black_Tower reply We are, rightly, defending Freedom of Speech. What we are not doing enough of is defending the Right to Listen! It is not just the right of the one or the few that is being violated, but that of the many!
    • DisgruntledAnon parent reply The individual has a right to speak, whether on a soapbox or at a pulpit. They have a right to have their audience listen without being obstructed, as they chose to come and they wish to listen to them. The airhorn-blaring, blue-haired freaks stopping male suicide discussions and white genocide summits are trampling on the right of those with their controversial views to speak, and obstructing the listening of the audience. And they know that this is an effective way to shut them down, clearly.
  • GamingRoom reply They want to shut down freedom of speech because their lies and bullshit can't stand against the Truth.
  • Plant_Boy reply I've got a solution to those wanting to shut down Free Speech. We individually revoke free speech for those individuals who don't want free speech. That means they can't protest the matter because they're not allowed to speak freely! It means by default they have to agree that we have Free Speech!
  • Rage_By_Nightfall reply Yeah, lots of exploitation in regards to free speech. Free speech is allowed however you'll be penalized from platforms or a supervisor for having your own opinions. WE live in a society that supports free speech as long as you're following certain principals and your opinion NEEDS to be socially acceptable which is NOT free speech. It's a lot of bullshit but good video. I'm glad there are people that take notice of things that a lot of people just don't.
  • MegAltRight88 reply Stefan....the right needs a flag, we need a symbol that the media cant criticize, we need something for solidarity, something that all right wingers around the world can unite under. As a white south african the confederate flag means very little to me and i can be imprisoned for using the old SA flag and so i have nothing to use to show my support for the altright. Solidarity will see us through but solidarity can only start to happen when we UNITE under the same flag. Does anyone agree?
  • RayOfHope reply They changed life, liberty and property to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness because they never intended to honour property.
  • Revengex reply Stephan, to beat censorship, scocial engeneers and though police, do what musicians do. Make a live speakers tour. You, Sargon, and others GO DIRECTLY to the people and sell tickets for speakers. O'Riley does it, you can too. Google will cry.
  • mattytripps reply Vidme, i would love to watch videos on your platform but why in the fuck are the videos constantly freezing with 4 lines of a 4g lte cell signal?
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Why would the Khazars want free speech?
  • jaxx_n_jill reply You are right on!
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