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How Subscribers Just Got a YouTuber's 390K Sub Channel Back & HUGE Win for Fair Use You MUST See

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August 8 2017

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Ways to help me get the message out there: ...or Get a Kick-ass Shirt: Your PROMO CODE is "5OFF" ******************************* Stay in touch with me if I get "disappeared" from YouTube My channel at (you can tip here if you like the video) Steemit: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Web site: Website: Back Up YouTube Channel: Many of you know that YouTube recently took my channel away from me. For over a week I've been unable to get in and do anything with it. I was only able to view it like it was another person's channel. I wanna take a second to thank all you guys who wrote in and let YouTube know what you thought about them stripping me of my channel privileges. After several frustrating back and forth emails and a lot of you giving them a piece of your mind I finally have the channel back. You guys really had my back and I really appreciate it. Your collective voices made a huge difference. Watch and share this video. If we all get together...we can fight censorship! This is a PRIME example! My concern is that if this happened to could happen to anybody. In a nutshell, what happened was that I logged out of my Main channel account to respond to some comments on my vlog channel, when I logged back into my main channel, the only option I had was to log into a channel called HighImpactFlix that even sported my logo, but it had zero subscribers, zero videos uploaded and a completely different URL. Basically my gmail account, which you're required to have to link to your YouTube channel, was linked to a ghost channel...called HighImpactFlix. But the bottom line is that you guys had my six and your tenacity won the day. Thank you guys for all your support and for making this channel and these video possible by supporting me on Patreon and Paypal. I also wanna think Frank and April from the Google YouTube team. Even though the process in getting the channel back was long and frustrating, they stayed in constant contact with me the entire time and made things happen on the administrative end over there at Google. And, you guys are gonna love this... in light of all the YouTube censorship going on lately...check this out. In this video, you'll see screen shots of some of the emails between myself and Frank and April from Google's YouTube team. "It looks like you've recently moved your channel to a Brand account and your channel is currently linked to a Brand Account and not a regular Google Account. You can, anytime, move your Brand Account to your Google account linked to your email address ( ). To know more about moving a YouTube channel click here. (part of the frustration here is that, at this point in the email, they didn't understand that it was impossible for me to link to my main channel brand account since YouTube took away that option. But check this part out.... Please do post as many videos as you can and keep up the fantastic work!" IN the last of over a dozen emails and after thanking them for resolving this issue, April says this, "Hello Brain, I wanted personally to let you know how gratifying it was to receive your note of support and encouragement. I've watched few of your videos and I loved it. We are fortunate to have you with us. Way to go! I hope that you continue enjoying using YouTube. If something comes up, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We're here to help! Regards, April" So, the fact that Google listened to you guys demanding that they do the right thing, combined with two comments from two separate YouTube representatives referring to my content as "fantastic work," and that after having watched a few of my videos they "loved it," and that they are "fortunate to have" me with them, I'm hoping this is a sign that the tides are shifting more in favor of a freer and more open YouTube. I'm by no means saying to let our guards down, but I'd be remiss to fail to mention something positive coming out of YouTube. Frank and April And the icing on the cake is that Ethan and Hila from H3H3 Productions won their fair use case against Matt Hoss. This was a landslide victory that further solidified and strengthened fair use and codified it in no uncertain legal terms providing more protection for YouTube and viewers against the ever-encroaching arm of censorship. the judge going so far as to call fair use and the ability to criticize and post commentary on someone else's content, including mainstream media, as "a matter of law." Again, thank you guys for having my back for your support on patreon and PayPal and for your patience as we all worked together to get the channel back. You guys are awesome...Thanks to you and your efforts, I'll be seeing you in the next video.

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