The Alt-Horseshoe: #AltLeft vs #AltRight?

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  • JustinZhao reply The Don Lemons and leftists were playing word-games (as they do) and then conservatives started falling for it everywhere (as they do) and its annoying. The thing is, they used to call 'KKK' the misnomer 'Far Right' (as if that was the logical conclusion) so you can simply ask why it makes any sense they (media, twitter liberals etc) would start calling them 'alternative right' a few months ago? i never really loved the term BUT I did 'get' where it was useful. It described Reddit's 'The Donald' which was a sort of HQ and for some reason is NEVER mentioned as such by media or liberal pundits. But it would be the perfect sort of place for the term 'Alternative' right-wingers. So not 'Far Right' or 'Traditional' or 'Evangelical' conservatives but really a rising new group who were often a hodge-podge but could include libertarians, 911-truthers, Alex Jonesers, oddly enough a slice of the 'online atheist' people, then people from this 'MigTow' men's rights, but also 'Tea Party' people...more. Militant Christians (not gun-militant but 'offense orientated' types. Also, a fair number of former Democrats who'd be more the older types as in union types but who didn't think a 'gay parade' in their closed factories was 'progress'. ALL might share some traditional conservative angle but almost none would fit in traditional conservative tents very well. A kind of loose collective of younger 'Milo' types and oddballs and then of course there were 'nationalists' (which is great) and then Western nationalists (not 'white' but western) and so forth. Then yep, 'Neo-Nazi' or 'KKK' sorts of types. Who never really fit in or had a welcome but banged about or had shared interests in other unrelated ideas. Of course, shitty media people saw their opportunity to play word-switch in Charlottesville and suddenly transferred 'Alt-Right' to be a synonym for 'Nazis' and there you go. Yes, saying 'Alt-Left' is a kind of rhetorical tit-for-tat thing which the Alt-Right enjoys doing just to fuck about and make a point. It does work a little too. Anyways, great video and I suppose this is why I don't love some of these terms. Usually they get gamed by word-players like Don Lemon. Then when it comes to 'AntiFa' he is suddenly very literal and of course they are 'Anti-fascist' because... well the name means that! Oh wow.
  • whitezombie reply 4:19 That's because you are not you retard. Trash are not equal to people who took a mercantile code from the phynicians and created the firs written language in Europe. They are certainly not equal to the people who fought to drive the Arab scourge out of Europe, and build a civilisation in the ashes of an empire who fell because of your kind of morons. You are certainly not equal to the people who took a months lasting sea voyage into the unknown because they wanted to be free without lord or bishop over them. Your "people" were given rights. They took them with their blood. False equivalences are false equivalences. 4: 20 You are right the violent racist movement they were protesting is called Antifa. 6:08 No man its just that if he does not pander to them he is not getting laid again like ever. The pussyphication of men continues unabated by
  • AlexHimawari reply What about the #AltCenter?
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