How to Cook Nepali Style Chicken Chowmein (Spicy) चिकन चाउमिन | Quick & Easy Recipe | Nepali Dish

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  • [ – ] TheBroCasters reply Gorkhay, i must say the Chowmein does look super tasty an i will have to give it a try this weekend!
  • [ – ] Grevmak reply My only advise would be to try and add some background music, there's lots of good, Royalty Free music out there for you to use. If it doesn't work and distracts from the whole video, you can stop doing so obviously or turn it down - worked for other cooking shows/videos and I always enjoyed a gentle tune in the background :)
    • [ – ] gorkhaymomo parent reply sadly most of my videos do have bgm , this one was the only one that didnt. thanks so much for this!
  • [ – ] Grevmak reply Great video quality! What camera do you use? That's some clean 60 FPS =)
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply VidMe recommended your channel. I enjoy food videos. Nice work.
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