Throttling Theory

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  • [ – ] girlreadingbooks reply Great insight into this recent YT scandal. I think the best way to combat this phenomena long run is a mass exodus of YT, Google and all other ISP monopolies. Then not a mass migration to VidMe but a move towards decentralization of user-generated sites to make YT's next Board of Directors meeting hell when they have to report their user base is plummeting and that big brother's data stream is slowing. TLDR: We need thousands and thousands of VidMes, not a mass exodus to VidMe.
  • Auceza reply Please make more uploads. You are incredible great, Mister Metokur. :-)
  • _daniel reply Holy shit, I actually had to make sure this wasn't some weird April 1st joke. Unbelievable the extents sites like twitter go to to prevent "controversial" content from getting around.
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