Florida Alert! 2 Critically Important Bills on Governor's Desk

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  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply I've included your channel in our MGTOW Men's Lifestyle listing... This listing appears in all of my latest video's and is updated with new listings every day. Welcome to the community! :)
    • [ – ] thisisntme parent reply you so called men are extremely sexist and are just as bad as those "feminists".
      • [ – ] GoMGTOW parent reply I don't know where you get that from? But I'll remove your channel from the listing. But before I go, please allow me to clarify what MGTOW is about... We are a shamelessly anti-gynocentric and anti-feminist lifestyle movement. We are conservative in nature, but we are not a political movement like feminism who openly promotes a racist hatred against all Men like just like You (eg; #KILL ALL MEN). On the contrary we are against laws that favor Women over Men, the same bastardized laws that are geared to strip you of your voice, your freedom, your liberty, and even your Second Amendment rights! Think it can't happen to you? It almost happened to me! We are also against domestic violence against Men, and we offer an alternative lifestyle for Men who are suffering from this bastardized gynocentric society from contemplating suicide as a final solution... MGTOW exists because Feminism created MGTOW! After all it was they who created the Equity Courts that silence your voice and give Wome...moren the legal power to kill the unborn and implode their family's at will. Did you know that Men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide than Women, especially those who have suffered thru a divorce, and that rate is increasing every year, especially among white middle aged Men! My channel exists because we MGTOW believe these Men need positive Mentors who also believe they are worth saving, to teach them that life is worth living. We MGTOW believe that no man should be left behind... What do you believe?
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