what to do with trolls REAL TALK

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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Ok! You got my attention. >:) In behalf of the Trolls International, I'd like to apologize for any pain and suffering any of my fellow trolls have caused you cause even though we seem to exist to annoy and basically be a pain in everyone's backsides, we're really just living our dreams and doing what we love the same as you. Some people love to share the the beauty around them with the world while doing what they love, other people love farting in an elevator and blaming the only other person there. Yes, there are mean trolls that say mean things, and they serve to remind us that not everyone in the world is our friend no matter how much we want to be good with everyone, but please, don't judge us by the bad examples. Remember how much fun it was getting Rick Rolled? Remember that sorry SOB that always has to say "FIRST" on every video whether or not they are actually the first commenter. Remember the "I found it difficult to fap to this" guy? Remember classic memes? All trol...morel inventions. Remember Jackass? Remember Tom Green? And lets not forget our favorite fictional trolls; Ace Ventura, Deadpool, George W. Bush, Bugs Bunny, bloodninja, and @ConflictedVillain (RIP). Let not the actions of a few bad eggs prejudice you against us all, for what is life without a little roast and satire. Now, please, rise for the national troll anthem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRMBxnxWiNQ
    • [ – ] SurfersSelfies parent reply I am saying that u dont have to listen to trolls who make u feel like shit. I am not talking about memes or a music video troll. They r two massively different sides. There is a joke that can be funny or a pay out that is ment to just hurt the heart of the people.
  • [ – ] nanameow reply I love you surfers selfies!!!!!!!!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Too many times in my life I have been hurt by the opinions of others. Maybe we all have been. Other people can be in a bad place and not have much but darkness to throw out. If we let it wound us, it will. Often the wounding doesn't happen until some part of us agrees with the hurtful comment. We just have to learn to stop thinking bad about ourselves. We are great people inside. If we look hard enough, we'll see it. Good topic. Great video!
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply When I retire I want to be a beach bum. :)
  • [ – ] cianmcmanus reply Inspiration tbh
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Well said dude, I personally ignore trolls, they feed off the hurt and arguments they cause but hey look on the bright side, they took time out if their day to watch our videos and then comment
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