My totally old school easter

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  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Awww no. I'm sorry to hear about your Nana. Also, trips to Mum's are NEVER short. LOL
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply Hopefully I don't cry too much at the funeral. It's tommorow. I'll be vlogging my trip down and back again, but, of course, not the funeral.
  • theoldsparrow reply I'm sorry for your loss. Your mom seems very nice. Seems like the school sport took place in the bathroom. :D
  • HamishW reply Sorry for your loss
  • [ – ] HamishW reply Deinterlace your footage and you wont get those lines
    • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply One last thing I discovered. At the moment, when viewing at 720p or below, the interlacing (lines) are not there, but at 1080p they are. I think there is something funny going on with the Vidme player.
      • HamishW parent reply I think you may have solved it. Could also be the way vidme compresses the file. Is it effecting other people's videos? I don't watch that many videos here
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply I just discovered something else too, my Vidme Community Challenge Vid, which I uploaded like 36 hours ago. It wasn't displaying horizontal lines when I uploaded it. But suddenly now... it is.
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply I think it's Vidme actually. My master copy of my easter videos (both of them) display fine on my PC. They also both display fine on Youtube. It's only Vidme where there is a problem and these lines suddenly appear.
    • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply It's very strange, the final render copy I have my my computer doesn't show those lines. The lines suddenly appeared when I uploaded to Vidme. I've had that happen before with some other videos upon being uploaded to Vidme too.
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