Linux is Easier than Windows - Even your grandma should use it!

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  • trebleknight reply I have used Linux as my only OS for about 3 years now. Linux has made computing so much easier and more fun for me.
  • RobotUnderscore reply ELEMENTARYOS BEST DISTRO
  • gamingandtech reply linux is better but there are more apps for windows
  • Rawman reply i am using windows xp on my laptop, i had been informed by another user to do some research and then consider installing linux on my laptop. I put it off for a while because life stuff but i am going to be installing it this week hopefully. this video does also point out some good stuff.
  • TheGreyHam reply I've been Windoze free for over 8 years, since I bought a Mac.
  • [ – ] TheTiamarth reply That's all well and good, but the real question is: was this video edited on Linux? And, if so, which video editing software was used? Also, that's a neat looking Conky. Can we get the config?
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply No, I use the Adobe suite on my main work rig. (Windows)
      • TheTiamarth parent reply Yeah, I had just looked at your channel and saw your latest video after commenting here. Noticed you mention it there too. I was hoping that you used a piece of software I'd never heard of before, but no such luck. What about the Conky config, though?
  • [ – ] gabaktech reply you are using windows in this video haha
  • TheRebCast reply Mint Sarah Rules!
  • Quwie reply Ubuntu Family for life
  • mattwgc reply I'm a professional video editor, and I just cut my third project for a client on Linux. I've dabbled in Linux for about a year, but now I'm making the full-time switch because I'm done swinging $600/yr for editing software. I'm convinced there's not a whole lot that Adobe CC can do that Blender, Kdenlive, Gimp, Inkscape, and Ardour can't. Awesome video. Followed.
  • VladTepesBlog reply Would it be possible or easy to install linux on my Macbook Pro 2011?
  • cowboy6591 reply I wonder if system 76 will install my preffered linux distro that's not listed. I will send email to support and find out.
  • [ – ] spiderfan_MJ reply Wow, Linux sounds awesome. Though the different distros are a little bit intimidating. Could you do a video talking about those?
  • OroCrimson reply So LInux is more user friendly, but none of this is particularly convincing for experienced Windows users XD The main downside to Linux for me is kind of a Catch 22. It's not universally adopted, so a lot of programs aren't compatible with it. Windows still has the most software made for it. I have that same issue with Mac.
  • CacalariBus reply Yeah well, when you miss a driver in Linux... it's clearly not easier than on windows. And with latest windows, pretty all drivers are ready to go - or not? Anyway, nice you consider that an advantage :)
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply Good key points @EposVox and what I don't like in windows is the forced update. Maybe I'll try Linux in the future.
    • TheRebCast parent reply Installs in less than 30 minutes too including making USB boot drive. Very easy to use. You will never go back to wi does again.
  • HeZoKo reply linux seems to be pretty good! but how good is it as a Gaming os?
  • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx reply I have been Windows free for 2 years. We have two computers in the house running Debian Jessie, and one running Mint 17.3. Having to deal with Windows at work is a pain. Especially the whole deal about finding files.
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply NICE!
      • CigarBGuitarefx parent reply Yeah, as soon as Stretch becomes the new Debian stable, our Mint computer will switch to that. I find Debian to be superior. You don't have to run non-free software if you don't want to, and there is no fluff to uninstall.
  • [ – ] Brologic_Productions reply Well you put a lot of my fears about the linux operating systems to rest. So thanks for that! I want to use Linux (and might convince one of my family members of give it a try if their work computers kick the bucket), but a few things have been keeping me from doing anything more than a VM of lubuntu. Mostly it's that i'm not ready to update, but hesitation comes from compatibility fears. I'm a gamer, and while there are some great games that cross-platform for linux, there's alot that don't, even with wine. I do understand that there's a special kind of virtualization you can do using KVM/Qemu but it seems... Complicated. I also have concerns about the drivers for various hardware like graphics tablets, and capture devices for the Operating Systems.
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply Again, my focus was on getting people to try it - if you have those fears, simply keep using your VM! Pop it full-screen and forget about your host OS :)
      • [ – ] Brologic_Productions parent reply Fair enough, you did say that in the video. heh heh. Btw, I also watched your latest vid too. Unfortunately after posting the comment... woops! XD Just like to say you made good points, sorry to see you've been getting less pragmatic people as well. ;/ Thanks for taking the time to reply, I like your videos! :3
        • [ – ] EposVox parent reply Thanks :) Yeah, there's always the nuts that show up for things like this. But it inspired a unique perspective that I wanted to share about workflows and such, so it's okay xD
          • Brologic_Productions parent reply No problem. Good to see you could turn it into a positive experience. c: I like looking up alternatives for software and recently there's a lot of good coming from open source that lowers the barrier to learn a type of skill (Ie Video Editing). Though I'll admit, I get caught up in the differences of 10 years ago and I forget that those aren't equivlent to say Final Cut as they have alot handy additions that make it easier than Kdenlive.
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