I Went For a Walk Barefoot and Dessert Was a Disaster - DragoNate Daily Vlog - Monday 2017-07-03

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  • [ – ] Woozle13 reply Take barefooting gradually, don't overdo it. The more you do it the easier it becomes and yes hot surfaces affect every barefooter in the same way
  • [ – ] 2KidzatHeart reply I'd be barefoot everywhere if it weren't for laws and athletes foot lol. You may wanna try the barefoot shoes. I have vibrams and I love them.
    • Woozle13 parent reply Unless you are in a really weird place there are usually no laws preventing you from going barefoot and you won't get athletes foot from going barefoot except maybe in a swimming pool changing rooms. Go for it, it's great
    • DragoNate parent reply I have a pair of Vibrams as well, actually! They're great, but mine are badly ripping apart on the sides now.
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